Whispy Woods

Whispy Woods himself.
This article is about the Boss. For the level of the same name, see Whispy Woods Forest.

[edit] Character Biography

Whispy Woods is a boss/enemy within the Kirby series. He appears in a lot of the Kirby games, but first appeared in Kirby's Dream Land. He attacks Kirby by blowing puffs of air at him, throwing apples, and by attacking Kirby by the use of his roots. The best way to attack Whispy Woods without a Copy Ability is to inhale the apples, and fire them back.

Whispy Woods is a tall tree with bushy leaves and apples. He has a triangular wooden nose with short stumps for arms, and big hollow eyes and mouth. But he doesn't actually grow his own apples, according to his trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

[edit] Anime

In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Whispy Woods is not actually evil, but the King of the forest, being over a hundred years old. He's kind and wise around his friends, but he has a slightly short temper and has a tendency for impatience with intruders King Dedede has plans to try to cut his forest down to make his own golf course, but it's not working very well. In one episode, Kirby and his friends build a campfire around him, which is actually a setup by King Dedede. A large portion of the forest ends up burning down, but one of Whispy Wood's apples revives everything.

[edit] Other Appearances

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