Sword Kirby

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Sword Kirby

Sword Kirby is one of Kirby's many transformations. Kirby transforms into Sword Kirby after swallowing a Sword Knight, Blade Knight, Heavy Knight, or Sodory. Midbosses that have this power include Gigant Edge. Helpers with Sword Power are Blade Knight. Bosses with Sword Power are Gobbler's sharks, Dark Meta Knight's stars, Meta Knight's offered sword, and Galacta Knight's cutter projectiles. The Sword Power allows Kirby to use a sword to attack his opponents.

Kirby also has a super ability involving a sword. It is introduced in Kirby's Return to Dreamland. The sword gets gigantic in size and can claim most enemies and the terrain around the slash.

An alternate version of Sword Kirby exists, called Galaxia Kirby, which Kirby uses in a couple of episodes in the Anime.

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