Sweet Stuff



[edit] Background

Sweet Stuff is a boss that appeared in Kirby's Dream Land 2, and a little bit in Kirby's Dream Land 3. He's one of the first bosses that was ever fought underwater. He attacks mainly by shooting sparks and lasers from the lightbulb on his head, and also shooting out small starfish.

[edit] Appearance

Sweet Stuff is a big fat angler fish, with an egg shaped body. He has huge eyes that always seem to be staring at nothing, and a large mouth with several sharp teeth. Sweet Stuff has jagged fins, and also a stalk sticking out of his head. At the end of the stalk is a light bulb. Sweet Stuff's body is an orange-brown color, and his fins are green. Why this boss is called Sweet Stuff is slightly a mystery.

[edit] In the Games

[edit] Kirby's Dream Land 2

During the whole battle, Kirby is completely underwater, as the fight travels to the right slowly. Before attacking, Sweet Stuff's light bulb glows, so his attacks aren't hard to predict. Sweet Stuff will either ram forward, shoot little blasts at you, or call in his minions - Squishes, Gordos, Tincells (one eyed starfish) - to try and hit you. Defeat him by either using Kine, an ability, or your simple water gun attack.

[edit] Kirby's Dream Land 3

Sweet Stuff is not technically a boss in this game. Instead, he is one of the enemies that Ado brings to life through his paintings. He's not nearly as powerful here, an can only flop around on land. His attacks are only shooting energy blasts at you, or sending out his starfish minions.

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