Star List (K:AR)

The Warpstar: Great for cruising and gliding. No real flaws.


This is the classic star from just about all of Kirby's games. It is a very basic star and good for beginners. You start out with this car in Air Ride mode. All of its gliding, attack, turning and speed stats are fairly balanced.

Winged Star

This star is slow on the ground but just wait until it takes flight into the air. It has an excellent ability to glide with much ease. It's great for wide open races or for flying long distances in stadium trials that involve gliding.

Wheelie Bike

This star is a standard bike. Its stats are similar to the Warpstar, but in exchange for a boost in offense, it looses much of its ability to glide. It also has less control and harder turning than the Warpstar.

The Wagon Star: Can't charge up but... has good points.

Wagon Star

Perhaps one of the most unique stars in the game. This truck-like star can't be destroyed all that easily and it has a surprisingly high top speed and good turning. However, all this comes at a price. The Wagon Star cannot charge at all, so you'll have to make up for it with the speed.

Swerve Star

This star is very fast, but has another unique feature. In order to turn, you have to stop completely. This can get annoying in courses where you have top be constantly turning. But the star does charge up very quickly so stopping and aiming shouldn't be too much of a hastle.

Rocket Star

At first glance this star looks like it would go very fast. Wrong. This star is one of the slowest stars in the game. That is, until you use its boost. While it may take awhile to charge up all the way, this star gives a tremendous boost for a sudden burst of speed. This can be good to get a head start in drag races.

The Jet Star: Speed increases while it's in the air.

Jet Star

This star is pretty average, with a few better-than-average stats. It has good turning, great top speed, and can boost in the air, giving you a huge burst of speed. However, this star will not do so good in flat courses. This star also has a very good boosting ability.

Compact Star

This is probably one of the most basic stars in the game, similar to the Warpstar. This star is great for beginners because it has great control and not too much top speed. This is the star that you start out with in City Trial.

Slick Star

This star is probably the most universally hated stars in the game. It has very little turning ability so in order to turn you have to completely stop and charge. But this doesn't work very well because the speed hardly stops when charging.

The Wheelie Scooter: Jumps very high. Charge up a quick rotation.

Wheelie Scooter

This bike is not like any other stars in the game, or even the other bikes. It has the fastest charging speed in the game and can turn excellently. It can accelerate very quickly too. As an added bonus, this bike has very impressive air game. It can actually glide long distances and gains speed in the air, similar to the Jet Star.

Shadow Star

This star is very similar to the Winged Star in that is glides very well and has a similar top speed, except the Shadow Star is just a little slower. This star also packs a powerful punch, its offense is much higher than average. It has average handling and charging but is lacking in defense.

Formula Star

This star looks fast, and really is, but just wait till you have to turn. It has one of the lowest turning stats and an even lower charging stat. But this is changed if you are going faster. So for turning, it is best to charge and turn at the same time and boost ahead, instead of normal turning.

Rex Wheelie: A sturdy ride if you can handle the speed.

Rex Wheelie

This is the heaviest of all the bikes. It has one of the highest top speeds but like all other high speed stars, it has slow acceleration, bad turning and can't glide worth a hoot. While it may have a high offense, good luck being able to hit an opponent that likes to turn, because you will never be able to catch them. This star also has good defense and HP.

Bulk Star

I would avoid using this star. Its unconventional method of moving is very annoying. You have to charge up in order to go forward, and once your charge goes out, you begin to stop, so you have to be constantly charging in order to stay moving. Besides that, this star has high offense, defense and HP.

Flight Warpstar

This star is exactly the same as the Warpstar, in that it looks and rides like one. The main difference is that the Flight Warpstar has much better gliding ability, the second best in the game in fact. This star is available only in Free Run in City Trial.

[edit] Legendary Machines

These machines are only available in City Trial and can only be used in Free Run after unlocking the pieces on the checklist.

The Dragoon: A legendary machine that cuts the sky!


This legendary machine has the best glide hands down. Being one of the two legendary stars, it already has higher than average stats. But its gliding ability is at least twice as better than its run up, the Flight Warpstar. This star is perfect for breaking checklist records in games such as Air Glider and High Jump.

The Hydra: A legendary machine with extra battle power.

The Hydra

This is star is usually considered the best star in the game. Outranked only by the Dragoon in flight, it soars above the competition in all stats except one. Charging. When you first board the Hydra, you have to charge it up fully which can take a few seconds. But once you're not going to have to slow down for awhile because this thing is super fast. It is also super deadly, seeing as it can destroy most stars with just one hit while going full speed.

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