Slice n' Splice


[edit] Background

Slice n' Splice is a boss from the Kirby anime Kirby: Right Back at Ya! He's a very intelligent robot, sold to King Dedede by Customer Service. Though Slice n' Splice isn't much of a threat by himself, his two rods, the Sun Rod and the Moon Rod (representing Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright, can cause much chaos and destruction easily. Kirby receives the Cutter ability from Slice n' Splice by swallowing the Moon Rod, which he uses to finally defeat the robotic demon beast.

[edit] Moon Rod

This rod has a very strange, but useful power. It can split an enemy into two halves: male and female. Or, it can just slice through many enemies. This is the reason Fololo & Falala get along so well, look alike, and always want to be around each other.

[edit] Sun Rod

The Sun Rod does the opposite of the Moon Rod. It's able to merge the male and female halves together - usually the wrong way.

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