Sir Ebrum

Sir Ebrum as he appears in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.

[edit] Character Biography

[edit] Information

Sir Ebrum is exclusive to the anime show. He's the Cabinet Minister of King Dedede, letting he and his family live inside the castle. His wife is Lady Like, and is the father of his two children, Tiff and Tuff. Although it's not clear what his position actually means, he is very kind to everyone in the town, and tries to do his best to make everyone happy. He's basically a normal father, and a little clumsy. Poor Sir Ebrum seems to be unlucky half the time too.

Though Sir Ebrum often disagrees with the King's many wrong decisions, he dislikes when his family openly speaks against him. He often thinks the same thing, but doesn't want to speak up for fear he will lose his position. If he has any authority to make changes in the kingdom where he is now, it's better then losing his job.

[edit] Appearance

Sir Ebrum has yellow skin with an old fashioned purple hair style. He also has a big and bushy purple mustache. He wears a dark purple jacket with white cuffs, square buttons, and collar. The shirt is complete with an orange bow tie. He doesn't appear to have pants, but whatever they are, they're a brownish color.

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