Peppermint Palace

Kirby inside Peppermint Palace.

Peppermint Palace is the seventh level in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. It is a tall icy tower with slippery and complex rooms. Most of the level takes place inside the palace, but some of it also is located in the snowy grounds around it. Almost everywhere you go, the ground will be covered with snow or ice, so be careful - you're bound to slip and slide around. Common enemies that you'll see around here are Pengy, Laser Ball, Sparky, Sword Knight, and Blipper.

[edit] Boss

The boss of Peppermint Palace is Wiz, a floating figure with a large black top hat, a red cape, and a powerful wand. He fights with a style very similar to Paint Roller - a boss that has appeared in many other Kirby games. Instead of fighting you head on, he'll send enemies after Kirby. This is a really fun boss battle, especially since many of the items and enemies he throws at you can be swallowed for an ability.

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