Olive Ocean

Kirby traveling through the complex waters of Olive Ocean.

Olive Ocean is the sixth level of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. It's a vast ocean that is slightly similar to Cabbage Cavern, but it contains even more water, less land, and it's a bit more complex. Since many of Kirby's abilities don't work in water (not to mention he also moves much slower), he'll have to be careful while journeying through the ocean. The enemies commonly found in Olive Ocean are Blipper, Gunk, Sword Knight, and Gordo.

[edit] Boss

The boss of Olive Ocean is Gobbler, a fierce and speedy shark with dangerously sharp teeth. While fighting him, you'll not only have to worry about Gobbler, but also his little fish minions. The stage on which you fight him is half land and half sea. It may seem easier to stay on the land portion, but Gobbler will often leap through the air with his mouth wide open, so sometimes fighting in the water is smarter.

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