[edit] Character Biography

Run sheep run! It's Octakon!

Octakon is one of the many demon beasts that Nightmare had created in the anime show. He probably doesn't really have much intelligence, all he really does is attack mercilessly and eat helpless sheep. At first, Octakon appears just as a small, cute, and helpless little octopus. He eats small fish and just floats innocently around in his small tank. This annoys King Dedede at first, he was expecting a crazy monster! When he calls to ask Customer Service why he wasn't getting the demon beast he payed for, he just replied that it takes time.

Octakon has the appearance of, well, an octopus. He has dark maroon skin with a very ugly and round pink mouth. His eyes are green, and at one point he even possessed King Dedede for a short period of time.

Octakon only appeared in one of the anime episodes, and has not been included in any Kirby game so far.

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