Nova is a huge comet that appears as a clock. He travels around the galaxy, picking up parts to add to his complicated body. Nova is also able to grant wishes when summoned. Kirby, by collecting stars that surrounded his planet - called on Nova to stop the sun and the moon from fighting. But instead, Marx shoved Kirby out of the way, wishing that he was ruler over all of Pop Star! Nova, doing as he was told, heads in a dangerous course towards Pop Star. Luckily, the Sun and the Moon stop fighting in order to hold him back, while Kirby makes his way inside the piece of machinery to his heart.

Once inside, Kirby goes through a strange boss battle inside Nova, where he must manage to get to Nova's heart by destroying the boundaries around it. Once he succeeds, the right side of Nova no longer works. Then Kirby destroys Marx too, and sends him crashing into Nova, causing a reaction that makes them both blow up!

Eventually, both Marx and Nova return. Marx apparently survived the explosion, and used Nova's energy to become Marx Soul. Nova was revived by Meta Knight sometime later.

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