Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright


Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright are a reoccurring team that is often a boss in the Kirby series. The resemble the sun and the moon working together, and Kirby must defeat both in a battle to win. Even when he does manage to defeat one of the two, they will still continue to work together. Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright have never actually been seen apart.

[edit] Appearance

Mr. Shine is the crescent-shaped moon. He is a yellow/gold color with round feet and a very determined expression on his face. He has short arms with hands covered by white gloves. Mr. Shine is also surrounded by either a light blue or yellow glow, depending on which game you're playing. When Ado draws Mr. Shine in Kirby's Dream Land 3, he has no arms or legs.

Mr. Bright is the round sun. He is a dark orange/red color surrounded by harsh flames (replaced by orange and yellow rays in some games). He, like Mr. Shine, wears gloves that are either red or white. He also has short yellow arms, and the same angry expression.

[edit] In the Games


[edit] In the Anime

Even though Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright do not technically appear in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, they are represented by the Sun and the Moon rod, both held by the Demon Beast Slice n' Splice. Like Mr. Shine, the Moon Rod gave Kirby the cutter ability, but the Sun Rod was destroyed before Kirby inhaled it. The two bosses do make very small cameo appearances in a few episodes, but nothing for more than a few seconds, too bad.

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