Moonlight Mansion

Inside the creepy Moonlight Mansion.

Moonlight Mansion is the second level of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. It's made up of the inside of a large purple mountain, and the creepy dark land surrounding it. It's fairly easy and straightforward, and also provides the first Mirror Piece by defeating the boss. It features a passage to Candy Constellation, the ninth level of the game by reaching the very top of the mansion and riding on a Warp Star.

Common enemies found are Batty, Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, Leap, Golem, and Snooter.

[edit] Boss

King Golem is the boss of Moonlight Mansion. He's a large stone pillar with a mouth. eyes, and nose that cannot move - and greatly resembles Whispy Woods. Defeating him is simple and easy, like first bosses often are.

[edit] Map

Rainbow Route « Moonlight Mansion » Cabbage Cavern
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