Mini Bosses & Enemies (SS)


[edit] Enemies

(from left to right) Top Row: Acchi, Big Waddle Dee, Cupie, Batty, Biospark, Snooter, Blipper / Bottom Row: Blockn, Bronto Burt, Bubble Head, Bun, Chip, Crimp, Cret

There's tons of these little guys, each with their own power. Swallowing them is the main way to gain a power. They're all easy to defeat, but you can always avoid them.

Acchi - Just a larger and slightly more dangerous then the familiar Hothead. He'll spit fireballs at you though, so be careful. Swallowing him gives you the fire ability.

Big Waddle Dee - Ah! So big! Luckily, they're just as harmless as the smaller Waddle Dee. All they'll do is walk around though.

Batty - Ugh, the annoying bat. If you wake him up he'll chase you to suck your blood, or something along those lines. Dispose of Batty quickly and you won't have a problem.

Biospark - And the ninja returns! Biospark will hide in the background, waiting to strike. But you can always see his hands, so it's not too hard to avoid him. Or be ready for his attack. Swallowing him will give you the ninja ability.

Blipper - Here comes the slightly useless fish. He'll either just flop around or actually chase after you. Either way he's not a scary enemy at all.

Blockn - One of the newer enemies, Blockn disguises himself as a star block to attack you. Just be ready for his unexpected attack.

Boxin - Though she's quick and crazy, Dessie really isn't much of a threat. Swallowing her will give you the Fighting ability.

Bronto Burt - What's a Kirby game without the small and annoying bird? He'll either fly around in his own little pattern or chase after you from the sky.

Bubble Head - Bubblehead is a new enemy and is basically based off of Hothead. All he does is shoot bubbles at you. Swallow him to gain the Bubble ability.

Bun - A giant bunny thing? Whatever it is, keep your distance or he'll grab you with his ears. Swallowing him will give you the throw ability.

Chip - Aw, so cute and...bouncy! Chip will just hop around the area, trying to block your way. How rude.

Cret - This cute little enemy looks like an orange ball hiding in a cloud. He'll try to drop coconuts on you though, so watch out!

(from left to right) Top Row: Boxin, Foley, Flamer, Gaw Gaw, Glunk, Gordo, Guassa, Gold Waddle Dee / Bottom Row: Heavy Knight, Hothead, Laser Ball, Maiga, Noddy, Parasol, Pengy, Perara

Crimp - This plant climbing enemy thing will crawl up walls, shooting little spores at you. It's extremely annoying so you better get rid of it quickly.

Cupie - Aw how cute, a little cupid! But it's probably in your best interest to dispose of her before her arrows become annoying. Swallowing her gives you the Cupid ability.

Foley - Foley attacks you by, well...falling. Walk to slowly under one and it'll drop right on top of you. I don't know why they look like floating turnips though. Swallowing Foley gives you the bomb ability.

Flamer - One of the older enemies, flamer will roll around on walls and floors. When it gets close enough to you, Flamer will perform a flaming dash towards you. He gives you the fire ability.

Gaw Gaw - He's kind of a doggish mole thing that will swipe around with it's claws attempting to scratch Kirby viciously. Gaw Gaw will give you the animal ability when swallowed.

Glunk - These funny looking sea creatures will shoot things at Kirby when you're above him.

Gordo - Ugh! They still can't be killed! All Gordo will do is move in one or two directions. Don't waste your time trying to hurt him, it doesn't work.

Gussa - This new fish like enemy that swarms after Kirby in water.

Gold Waddle Dee - Ooo, shiny! Just don't let him get away, killing him will give you a treasure chest!

Heavy Knight - Basically a larger and scarier looking Sword Knight. His sword is big and powerful, so keep your distance. He'll give you the sword ability when swallowed.

Hothead - One of the original enemies himself! Hothead is just a strange creature with fire on his head who shoots fire at you. Swallow him to get the fire ability.

Laser Ball - Annoying but weak, Laserball will float around near you then charge up to shoot one quick laser then fly away. He gives you the laser ability when swallowed.

Maiga - CAUTION: DO NOT SWALLOW! Doing so will result in Maiga attaching to your face in a very weird manner.

Noddy - Lazy guy, Noddy can barely stay awake! He's actually a very harmless enemy, so there's nothing wrong with leaving him alone. Swallowing him will give you the Sleep ability, causing you to take a little nap as well.

Parasol - Parasol is just an umbrella that floats down and tries to hit you. Often a Waddle Dee will be hanging on to it. Swallowing one will give you the Parasol ability.

Pengi - Pengi is a penguin type enemy that slides around and tries to freeze Kirby with his icy breath. Swallowing Pengi gives you the ice ability.

Perara - A strange looking blue blob that flies around, attempting to land on Kirby.

(from left to right) Top Row: Scarfy, Shotzo, Sir Kibble, Sparky, Starman, Sword Knight / Bottom Row: Twister, UFO, Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, Wheelie, Unknown

Scarfy - Do not try to swallow these annoying little acorn things. They'll turn into crazy and evil looking things that chase you around for a certain period of time, then explode.

Shotzo - Shotzo is indescribable but easy to avoid. Some of them shoot their bullets in one direction only, while others will aim at Kirby.

Sir Kibble - A round enemy in golden armor that shoots a blade boomerang at you. He can give you the Cutter ability.

Snooter - Eek! Don't get this guy mad unless you enjoy a crazy red thing chasing after you!

Sparky - A cool little turquoise enemy that reminds me of a Hershey's kiss. Sparky will bounce around for awhile, then settle somewhere and surround itself with an electric circle. Swallowing him gives you the Spark ability.

Starman - Superhero Starman is here, jumping around like a crazy person! Just watch out because they can be a threat. Swallowing Starman will give you the Hi-Jump ability.

Sword Knight - It's the original knight himself. Just watch out, he's rapid and fast with his sword. Swallowing him gives you the sword ability.

'Twister - A top-like enemy that will slowly spin around on the ground, then transform into a whirrling tornado. Swallowing him gives you the tornado ability.

UFO - A very very rare enemy that will float around randomly and maybe try to shoot you. If you want to gain the UFO ability, do it quickly because UFO often will leave the area soon.

Uja - Uja has no official appearance and is somewhat of a ghost. He'll appear in different forms including Master Hand or a sword. He's hard to attack though, so running might be a good idea.

Waddle Dee - Yay! The original and highly useless enemy is back! All he does is walk around, so no need to pick on the little guy.

Waddle Doo - A Waddle Dee with a big eye that shoots a laser beam at you. Feel free to take care of this guy though. Swallowing him gives you the Beam ability.

Wheelie - A big round wheel that zooms rapidly around on the ground. Swallow him to get the Wheel ability.

Unknown - Not sure of the name on this one, but he's a big giant stone. He walks really slowly, but can roll quickly off of hills to smash Kirby. You gain the Metal ability if he's swallowed.

[edit] Mini Bosses

Mini Bosses are pretty common in this game as you advance through the levels. None of them are too hard, but it helps to know who they are and what they do. After you defeat a Mini boss you will have a short period of time to inhale them and get the ability that they have.

[edit] Big Beast

Also known as "Gao Gao", this big animal is crazy yet predictable with his drill attacks. But the good thing is, Big Beast only has two attacks! Both of those produce stars (which give you no power) but you can spit them back out to cause damage if you don't have an ability. If you inhale him you get the animal ability.

    • Big Beast spins around, slowly moving towards Kirby and creating stars. Afterwords, he becomes dizzy and can't move for awhile.
    • He drills up in to the ceiling then attempts to come back down on top of Kirby, this again produces stars.

[edit] Bonkers

Oh no, Bonkers has returned from the previous Kirby games! Luckily he's easy to trick and not hard to defeat. Keep in mind that, other then when you beat the game, this is the only way to get the hammer ability.

    • Bonkers will jump up and come down, trying to hit Kirby with his hammer. This attack creates stars.
    • He will throw a coconut, large or small, towards Kirby. This can be swallowed and shot back.

[edit] Box Boxer

Aw, a puppy! Too bad this is pretty much the hardest Mini-boss. He moves quickly and unpredictably, making it very hard for Kirby to ever be safe in the arena. Box Boxer doesn't have an extreme amount of attacks, but it's not hard for him to just dart forward randomly and hit Kirby. Therefore, DO NOT stay too close to him. Inhaling Box Boxer will give you the fighting ability.

    • If you come to close to Box Boxer, he will grab you with his ears and slam you against the wall or ground.
    • Box Boxer shoots an energy beam at Kirby. This can be inhaled and shot back at him.
    • He can perform a high jump that produces stars when he lands, which can be shot back at him.
    • Box Boxer also performs a variety of punches and kicks. Just keep your distance.

[edit] Boxy

This crazy little box is strange, but not hard to defeat. One of its attacks even has the potential to heal Kirby! The only hard part about this Mini-boss is that it's hard to tell what she's about to do, just keep watching closely. Swallowing Boxy will give you the magic ability.

    • Boxy will dash across the screen at you.
    • She will also spit out a present. You can either take advantage of it and spit it back at Boxy, or wait for it to open. Sometimes it will explode back at you or create a Waddle Dee, but other times it will be food that heals you!

[edit] Bubble Crab

One of the new bosses to Squeak Squad. Bubble Crab isn't that hard, but he can be really annoying when you don't have an ability, as sometimes it takes him forever to actually release anything you can shoot back at him. But most of the time it's not that hard. If you hit Bubble Crab enough times, he will lose his bubble shield and turn into a crab which moves rapidly at the bottom of the screen. While in this form he's very hard to hit, so it might be easier to wait until he returns to normal. Swallowing Bubble Crab gives you the bubble ability.

    • Bubble Crab will shoot a bunch of bubbles at Kirby. These can be inhaled and shot back.
    • He will drop a bubble that contains a Waddle Dee. Swallow him for an ability or spit him back out.
    • While in Crab form, he will just randomly shoot a bunch of bubbles.

[edit] Ghost Sorcerer

Also known as Tedhaun, the Ghost Sorcerer can only be fought when you have obtained all of the Ghost Medals. He has several mini ghosts that circle around him. They will be the only ones that technically attack you. Fighting him can be very annoying without an ability. This is one of the two ways to obtain the ghost ability.

    • The mini ghosts will come after you. Swallow them and spit them at the Ghost Sorcerer to attack him.
    • If you get to close, he will possess Kirby and hold him while the mini ghosts attack.

[edit] Metal Golem

This mini boss is slow, tough, but very easy to defeat. The only bad thing is since he is metal, it takes more hits than usual to defeat him. Having an ability helps a lot. Swallowing him gives you the metal ability.

    • Metal Golem will just walk around, causing rocks to fall from the ceiling. Swallow the rocks and spit them back at him.
    • He will turn into a ball and roll across the screen. Just jump above him to avoid this.

[edit] Mr. Frosty

The funny and easy mini boss is back, dancing across the screen. He's one of the easiest to defeat with his limited moves. Swallowing him gives you the ice ability.

    • Mr. Frosty spits out an ice cube at Kirby. This can be swallowed and shot back.
    • If you get to close, he will swallow Kirby up and spit him back out.

[edit] The Squeaks

Spinni the ninja, watch out for his shurikens!

The squeaks may not technically be bosses, but they appear in almost every stage and you often fight them in a boss-like manner. None of them are that hard though, so don't be too scared.

[edit] Spinni

Spinni only has two attacks, and both are easy to avoid. One of them is that he will throw shurikens at you. These can be inhaled and swallowed to give you the Ninja power. His other attack is to slash at you with a rake-type claw. He may rest in the middle of your battle at one point or another. Though he won't lose damage, you can hit him and food will come out for regaining your health. When Spinni turns red all attacks will be sped up, but it also means he's low on health. With or without an ability, Spinni is no real threat. Swallow him after he's been defeated to obtain the ninja ability.

[edit] Storo

Storo is the biggest Squeak in the squad, so his attacks take up a good deal of room. If you have an ability though, the battle will be over almost instantaneously. I've found that the easiest way by far is fire. Getting Storo trapped in a corner and just hold down B. He'll be dead in almost no time, and blasting him constantly with fire won't give him the chance to escape! Like Spinni, he may rest at any time and turn red when he's low on health.

And here's good ol' Doc, in his UFO.

[edit] Doc

Doc is probably the easiest squeak to defeat. He'll float around the area in his UFO which can drop bombs, shoot lasers, and blast an icy beam. But he has a very small amount of health, and one hit will send his UFO crashing to the ground. Bombs can be swallowed to gain the bomb ability. Doc may also appear inside of larger bosses, controlling them. Inhale and swallow him after he's defeated to gain the UFO ability.

[edit] Squeakers

These little guys aren't technically bosses, but they often appear in a stage with one of the three above. Their abilities range from just hopping around to throwing giant bombs at you! They aren't hard to defeat but it can help to take care of them before they get really annoying.

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