Meta Knight

Meta Knight with his sword, Galaxia.

Meta Knight is both a major antagonist and protagonist in the Kirby series. Meta Knight is very similar to Kirby in appearance, though he prefers to wear a mask. He prefers to work alone, utilizing a huge battleship known as The Halberd.


[edit] Character Biography

[edit] Background

Meta Knight is the closest thing Kirby has to a rival. They are not quite enemies, but are often found fighting against each other in some way or another. Meta Knight is fairly mysterious and not too much is known about him other than the rivalry between him and Kirby. He is quite often a boss in the games, but a majority of the time he is not fighting to defeat Kirby, but instead to achieve a similar/common goal while other times he simply helps him. For example, in Kirby and the Amazing Mirrors, Meta Knight lends Kirby his golden sword, Galaxia, to defeat the evil Dark Matter. However, in the game Kirby Super Star he is more of the evil character. Meta Knight was trying to overtake Dreamland when Kirby kept interfering with his plans by destroying his armies and his ships. In the end of the game, Meta Knight eventually decides to end it with Kirby once and for all. At the end, Meta Knight’s last attempt to destroy Kirby his ship is doomed to crash, and the two of them make it out just in time. Meta Knight is only a playable character in a few games, including Kirby Canvas Course, the special mode of Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland, and of course a character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

[edit] Visual Appearance and Personality

Meta Knight has a fairly similar look to Kirby. He is short and round, with big feet. He carries a large golden sword as a weapon which is able to create small tornadoes with a strong wave. He wears a silver face mask, only revealing small yellow eyes. Meta Knight also wears a dark purple cape. In a few games his mask is removed. In Kirby: Canvas Course and Kirby Squeak Squad he has a purple body while in some other games he had a blue body with white eyes.

Meta Knight as he appears in the anime.

Meta Knight has a very honorable and soldier-like personality. He cannot stand people who don’t have common sense, and even though it doesn’t always seem like it, at times he is almost always fighting for good.

[edit] Frames

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[edit] Anime

Meta Knight appears regularly in the Kirby Anime “Kirby: Right Back at Ya!” He is known as a very respected character who fought in Galaxy Soldier Army against the evil Nightmare, and was the only survivor. He now works for the greedy King Dedede, but he is only acting as a spy to keep an eye on the king’s crazy and sometimes evil schemes. Meta Knight also enjoys mentoring Kirby, defending him and teaching him the skills he needs to someday defeat Nightmare and his armies. But, like a good mentor, Meta Knight knows that Kirby must learn to protect himself without any help. He also has a Spanish accent.

[edit] Game Appearances

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