Megaton Punch

Megaton Punch as it appears in Kirby Super Star; Kirby vs Waddle Dee.

Megaton Punch is one of the many games included in Kirby Super Star (2-player) and Kirby Super Star Ultra (1-player). It's one of the much smaller mini-games, where Kirby competes against three others to see who can send the biggest punch! The three opponents Kirby will face are Waddle Dee, Knuckle Joe, and Iron Mom.

There are three things that you must do in order to get the best punch.

  • Power Meter - Press "A" to stop it. The closer it is to the peak, the better the punch
  • Target Rings - There will be two crosshairs - and to aim perfectly press "A" when they exactly overlap.
  • Timing Pendulum - Press "A" when the swinging pendulum lines up exactly with the green circles

All three of these combined will deliver an unbeatable punch, that could nearly break Pop Star in half!

Other fun things to notice are that Mario, Luigi, Birdo, Toad, and Peach appear in the background watching as an audience. Also, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror has a similar Mini Game called Crackity Whack.

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