Magic Kirby

Magic Kirby
Magic Kirby.jpg

Catch Phrase "Gather round and look closely! Nothing in my hand! Nothing in my sleeve!”
Appearances Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, Kirby: Squeak Squad
Enemies N/A
Bosses Boxy
Ability Type Magical (One-Use in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror)
Special Powers Cuts through Rope/Vine, Destroys Grey Blocks, Pounds Wooden Stakes

[edit] Information

Magic Kirby is a unique and creative ability that really hasn't appeared in much. While slightly boring in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, Magic turns into a fun, unpredictable, and powerful ability in Kirby: Squeak Squad. Still, they both have their good points! Though there are only two games in which Magic Kirby appears in, the two of them are very different. In Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, Magic is a One-Tume use ability. When used, it makes a wheel of fortune that causes various helpful items to appear.

But, when used in Kirby: Squeak Squad, Magic takes on a more offensive type. When Kirby transforms, he can shoot doves from his magic hat, throw cards at enemies, and attack enemies with a clown head that comes out of his hat. You can still create the roulette by holding down B, but beware that after using it your Magic Ability will go away like it did in The Amazing Mirror.

[edit] In the Anime

Unfortunately, Magic Kirby was not included in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

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