Lady Like

Here is Lady Like. I wonder what she looks worried about..

[edit] Character Biography

[edit] Background

Lady Like is a character that only appears in the anime, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. She is the mother of Tiff and Tuff and the wife of Sir Ebrum. Lady Like is sweet, kind, and easily pleased. She is a very gentle girl though, and gets scared very easily, often resulting in fainting. She and her family live in the castle with King Dedede, and she is not afraid to make rude remarks about him. Though she seems kind of like an airhead at times, Lady Like has a good deal of knowledge.

[edit] Appearance

Lady Like cares a lot about her appearance. She will not bear to have one blemish or wrinkle on her skin. She has pretty yellow skin with her hair styled perfectly and pink eye makeup. She often wears a purple dress, green earrings, and an orange scarf.

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