[edit] Background

Kracko is a very common boss in the Kirby series. He's appeared in many games, in a few different forms also. Battles with Kracko usually take place in a cloudy arena, often above the ground. He is a large, white, puffy cloud with one large eye in the middle. Sharp spikes surround him, protecting his vulnerable body.

[edit] In the Games

[edit] Kracko's Other Forms

Kracko Jr.

[edit] Kracko Jr.

Kracko Jr is a form of Kracko that's rarely seen. It is a large eye with small white balls floating around it. Normally, Kracko Jr. is confronted by Kirby at the beginning of the battle, but moments later the real Kracko comes to actually fight. However, in a few games Kracko Jr. actually fights. In Kirby's Dream Land, it serves as a mini-boss for the Bubbly Clouds level. It attacks by bouncing around in attempt to hit Kirby, and also dropping Waddle Doos around on the stage. It is also in Extra Mode, where it drops bombs instead of Waddle Doos, and changes the way it bounces across the screen.

In Kirby's Adventure and Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, Kracko Jr. appears shortly in the boss battle of Grape Garden. At the beginning of the fight, Kirby must make his way up by jumping from cloud to cloud in order to reach the actual fighting arena. During this time, Kracko Jr. chases him up, and if Kirby's too slow, he's destroyed by Kracko Jr. However, once the arena is reached, Kracko Jr. transforms into Kracko.

The final appearance of Kracko Jr. is in Kirby Super Star in the Spring Breeze level. Like in Kirby's Dream Land, it's a Mini Boss in Bubbly Clouds. It's attacks are very similar: dropping Waddle Doos, swooping down, and bouncing around on the floor.

[edit] Mecha Kracko

Mecha Kracko is a mechanical version of the boss, controlled by Doc in Kirby: Squeak Squad. Instead of being white and puffy, it's a dark gray that doesn't look anything like a soft cloud. Also, unlike Kracko, Mecha Kracko is fought in a stormy battlefield instead of a regular one in the sky. It attacks by dropping Waddle Doos, Starmen, and Waddle Dees, and swooping around across the stage. It will also perform a variety of electrical attacks. Once Mecha Kracko has been damaged enough, it'll begin to swoop down and rearrange the battlefield, causing Kirby to have to watch where he lands. His electrical attacks will become more powerful at this time.

[edit] In the Anime

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