Knuckle Joe

Knuckle Joe in one of his newer appearances.


[edit] Information

Knuckle Joe is an enemy of Kirby, appearing in three of the Kirby video games. He looks childish, has blonde spiky hair, blue clothing, and a white headband around his head. Knuckle Joe is classified as having the "fighter" ability.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Kirby Super Star

[edit] Kirby Super Star Ultra

[edit] Kirby's KiraKira Kids

[edit] In The Anime

Knuckle Joe in his evil form as he appears in the anime.

Though Knuckle Joe is not a huge star in the Kirby games, he plays an important role in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! He is often the main source from where Kirby gets the Fighter Ability, so you can find him in most episodes where Kirby uses that ability. Knuckle Joe has appeared in two different forms in the anime. basically, these are good and evil. In his evil form, Knuckle Joe takes on a demon-like dark purple appearance. While like this, Knuckle Joe ends up transforming in to a monster!

Even in his normal appearance, Knuckle Joe is never a good-guy really. He always has something to do with Nightmare or King Dedede. Oh well!

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