Kirby Super Star

Kirby Super Star

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Kirby Super Star is an extremely successful game in the Kirby series. It featured eight different small games that are either completely new or remakes of older games. Kirby Super Star was remade for the DS in Kirby Super Star Ultra.


[edit] Story

Oh no! Dream Land's food is being stolen by tons of evil villains! Complete eight different mini-games and try to rescue the missing food and return peace to Dream Land. From racing, to fighting, to running and flying, you'll have to do it all to save the day. Luckily, Kirby has returned with some helpers that will let him do things he can't do on his own.

[edit] Features

Along with Kirby's growing range of copy abilities, and his usual jumping, running, and swimming, there are some cool features that have been included in Kirby Super Star.

[edit] Ability Hats

Though it doesn't seem like a huge deal, many of Kirby's new and old abilities are now completed with a new hat to finish off the costume. From this game on, all Kirby games were made with this fashionable feature.

[edit] Helpers

Another new and important feature added to this game is helpers. Kirby can now make some of his enemies aid him in his adventures. The helper can be controlled by a second player, making the game even more fun. If nobody's there to play with you, the helper is computer-controlled. However, unlike some robotic characters, these helpers still will protect Kirby and explore dangerous areas.

[edit] Games

There are eight different games that are played in Kirby Super Star.

[edit] Spring Breeze

Spring Breeze is one of the three main games, and is a smaller remake of Kirby's Dream Land. Kirby must follow a spring breeze and collect four stars as he journeys to stop King Dedede from taking everybody's food!

[edit] Dyna Blade

In the second main game, Kirby must find the great bird Dyna Blade and stop her from destroying Dream Land's crops.

[edit] The Great Cave Offensive

This is the third main game, where Kirby has to make his way throw a huge system of caves and levels to find hidden treasure.

[edit] Milky Way Wishes

Kirby has to stop the sun and the moon from fighting. But the only way to do that is to awaken the powerful Nova.

[edit] Revenge of Meta Knight

In this game, Kirby has to stop Meta Knight in his ship The Halberd from taking over Dream Land.

[edit] Samurai Kirby

In this fast moving mini-game, Kirby must face five talented opponents.

[edit] Gourmet Race

Hurry! It's a race against King Dedede to finish three crazy races, while trying to eat the most food!

[edit] Megaton Punch

Megaton Punch is a quick Mini-game where Kirby competes against three players (Waddle Dee, Knuckle Joe, and Iron Mom) to deal the biggest punch.

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