Kirby Comes to Cappy Town

Kirby Comes to Cappy Town
Kirby's all alone in his spaceship, where will he land?
Japanese Title It's Here! The Pink Visitor
Episode Number 01 (Japan and US)
Air Dates Japan - 10/6/2001

USA - 9/14/2002

Copy Ability Fire
Demon Beast Octakon
Guest Character --


[edit] Quick Summary

Kirby has unexpectedly woke up on his star ship, and is crashing down towards the peaceful Cappy Town. But, the poor villagers are being attacked by a monster created by King Dedede. Kirby must prove himself as a Star Warrior, make new friends, and ultimately, defeat the monster.

[edit] Major Characters in this Episode

[edit] Storyline

At the beginning, Kirby is all alone in his Starship. Suddenly a warning goes off, sending him flying off course towards an unknown destination. Meanwhile down at Cappy Town the poor sheep are terrified. A giant octopus monster is towering right above them. Before long it's too late for the sheep and Octakon has finished his huge meal. But some of the bones woke up sleeping Cappies (Residents of Cappy Town).

They run off to the castle to confront evil and self-centered King Dedede. But they are stopped by his cranky assistant Escargoon. Finally the King listens to what they have to say. However, there's something weird. The only trace of the monster as a cute little octopus in a tank, which King Dedede says is his new pet.

Still troubled, the townspeople ran off to ask Kabu what was happening. The wise Kabu explained that they were all in grave danger and the only hope of rescue is a Star Warrior named Kirby. King Dedede and Escargoon were, of course, eavesdropping. But they don't believe Kabu's prediction. But soon enough a giant burst of light trails across the sky, leading to a crashed spaceship. A small, round, creature appears. At first he's dubbed as an alien, but it soon turns out that he is Kirby, the star warrior. But nobody believes that, yet.

What happened to this crazy octopus monster that somehow disappeared? Is King Dedede behind it after all, or is it some bigger force? And is Kirby really destined to save all of Cappy Town? You can only find out by watching!

[edit] Ending

The Following Paragraphs WILL SPOIL the Ending! Read with Caution!

Still there is no sign of the monster Octakon, much to King Dedede's dislike. So instead the King is hunting for Kirby himself, planning to send him far away in the Starship he came in. But while Tiff and Tuff are hiding the little pink hero, Sir Meta Knight and his two companions, Sword Knight and Blade Knight, find the three first. Confusing everyone in the room, Meta Knight confirms for himself that Kirby is in fact a Star Warrior.

Meanwhile, while King Dedede and Escargoon are working on Kirby's Starship, they come across a small but brilliant star piece. Little did they know it's the source of power itself. Kirby later realizes it's missing and goes inside the castle to figure it out. But suddenly, Octakon does grow, scaring King Dedede himself too. Still without his star piece, Kirby races up the stars so he can be slightly above the monster. It looks like there is no hope, but Tiff had found his star piece and is now holding it up in front of Kirby. He finds some strange energy, and inhales all of the fireworks and mini octopus's Octakon is shooting at him! This happens one more time, but this time Kirby gains the fire ability! Tiff throws the star piece to Kirby then, and the battle is soon over. Kirby is the true Star Warrior, and the town is saved.

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