Kirby's Air Ride

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Kirby's Air Ride

North American Box Art
Developer HAL Laboratory
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Gamecube
Release Date(s) Jul 11, 2003 (Japan)
Oct 13, 2003 (North America)
Feb 27, 2004 (Europe)
Genre General (GC)
Rating E (Everyone)
Japanese Name Kirby no Airride


[edit] Background

Unlike most Kirby games, Kirby's Air Ride is a chance for you to show off skill as you race around in different modes. Great 3D graphics accompany several different modes to compete in, each with their own unique objective. The gameplay is very simple, each button on the controller has it's own action such as Accelerate and Brake. Copy Abilities have not been forgotten either! In one mode, fight your opponents with powers you get from enemies.

[edit] Players

The game is very fun and satisfying with only one player, but hook up with more controllers for up to 4-player action!

[edit] Modes

[edit] Air Ride

Challenge your opponents to a crazy race on one of the amazing courses this game has to offer.

[edit] Top Ride

Top ride is a different mode of racing, and it occurs from a birds-eye view! Experimentfix with the many power ups in this mode that will confuse your enemy, or give you more power. Watch out for the dangers in the courses too! Only two vehicles are available though.

[edit] City Trial

City Trial is the closest thing to a game mode Kirby's Air Ride has. You and your opponents will race around the city, gathering power-ups that will help you win the competition in Stadium Mode. This mode is known to have several glitches, so be careful.

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