Kirby: Squeak Squad

Kirby: Squeak Squad
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[edit] Background

Kirby is back on the Nintendo DS in his latest adventure Kirby: Squeak Squad! And this time, it all begins during a peaceful snack of yummy Strawberry Shortcake. But, what's this? Somebody has stolen Kirby's meal! It turns out these thieves have been stealing other treasures from Dream Land also! Kirby has no choice but to race off after them, finding the missing treasure along the way and ultimately: getting his snack back.

The Touch Screen has now been incorporated with the game play. As Kirby fights his way through the stages, he can collect various abilities, snacks, health restorers, and treasure chests in bubbles that are stored in the touch screen. Just tap what item you want to use, and it floats up to Kirby. Now you can even drag two abilities on the touch screen together to transform into a completely different power. Good luck!


  • New Copy Abilities
  • New Interactive Environments
  • Store and Collect Items in his stomach (Touch Screen)
  • Create a roulette by dragging one ability over another.
  • New abilities and enemies.
  • Fast moving and fun storyline.

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