Kirby: Right Back at Ya!


Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

[edit] Information

Kirby: Right Back At Ya! or Ushi no Kirby (Kirby of the Stars) in Japan, is an anime series based on Kirby and his exploits around the planet Pop Star. The series was produced by Warpstar Inc, and was first broadcasted in Japan in the October of 2001. There were two main challenges in creating this Anime series: Kirby cannot speak, and no humans will appear. This mean the difficulty of creating completely new characters. The show also had a lot of action to keep the plot moving along.

While this Kirby anime did very well in Japan, it failed to meet the expectations when it aired in the US. The TV Show received fairly poor ratings, and little merchandise was ever sold. DVDs on the episodes were released though.

[edit] Storyline

In the peaceful village of Cappytown, ruled by the selfish King Dedede everything is going along fine. Except the fact that the King keeps hiring evil Demon Beasts to attack the innocent villagers! Only the star warrior, Kirby can save the town, and eventually defeat the villainous Nightmare. But first, with help from his friends and the respected warrior Meta Knight, he must train and learn how to be the best little pink puff he can be!

[edit] Main Characters

[edit] Theme Songs


  • Openings
    • "Kirby March" by Shanchii (Shown in Episodes 1-71)
    • "Kirby!" by Hiroko Asakawa (Shown in Episodes 72-100)
  • Endings
    • "Kihon wa Maru" by Shanchii (Shown in Episodes 1-71)
    • "Kirby Step!" by KONISHIKI (Shown in Episodes 72-100)


  • Opening
    • "Kirby Theme (Kirby Kirby Kirby!)" by Norman J. Grossfield and Ralph Shuckett
  • Ending
    • "Kirby Theme (Instrumental)" by Ralph Shuckett

[edit] Voice Casting

Character Name Original Cast English Cast
Kirby Makiko Ohmoto Makiko Ohmoto
Tiff (Fumu) Sayuri Yoshida Kerry Williams
Tuff (Bun) Rika Komatsu Kayzie Rogers
King Dedede Kenichi Ogata Ed Paul
Escargoon Naoki Tatsuta Ed Paul
Meta Knight Atsushi Kisaichi Eric Stuart
Customer Service Banjō Ginga Dan Green
Sword Knight Hikaru Tokita Unknown
Blade Knight Chiro Kanzaki Eric Stuart
Tokkori Fojiko Takimoto Kevin Kolack
Nightmare Banjō Ginga Andrew Rannells

[edit] Episodes

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