Kirby's Epic Yarn

Kirby's Epic Yarn
Kirbys epic yarn boxart.jpg

North American Boxart.
Developer(s) Good-Feel, HAL
Publisher Nintendo
Release Date(s) North America; October 17, 2010
Japan; October 14, 2010
Europe; February 25, 2011
Genre 2-D Platformer
Players 1-2
ERSB Rating Everyone
Available On Nintendo Wii

Kirby's Epic Yarn is the latest installment in the Kirby franchise. It was released on the Nintendo Wii in late 2010(early 2011 for Europe). It is the first platform Kirby game on a home console since the release of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards for the Nintendo 64 in 2000.

Kirby's Epic Yarn game design is vastly different from any other Kirby game. The animation style is meant to look like everything is a yarn outline. There are a few exceptions to this like facial features. The worlds and levels are like a scrapbook with pieces of fabric like cloth and felt. Enemies are also made up of cloth, felt, and yarn. Kirby will have new abilities in this game like turning into a giant Kirby-like tank, be able to swing across gaps, and grab enemies with a strand of yarn. Beads can be found throughout the levels for the players to collect, along with other items that are hidden in Treasure Chests. Each level will contain three chests.

Kirby won't have his inhale ability in this game, as the air will go straight through his yarn-like body. He will be able to create a whip-like object out of yarn to wrap around enemies. This will turn the enemy into yarn, and Kirby can either carry or throw them at another enemy or to grab an item. He can also use this ability to pull down scenery, like walls to progress through a level or scrunch up the scenery to make the gap easier to jump across. In the multiplayer, the second player will control Prince Fluff.


[edit] Storyline

A sorcerer by the name of Yin-Yarn is causing havoc in Dream Land by turning everything into yarn. Kirby is walking by a bush when he notices a tomato sitting on top of the bush. He starts to inhale to eat it, but Yin-Yarn appears and begins to introduce himself. Kirby angers him by continuing to try and eat the tomato, and Yin-Yarn sucks him up into the sock that is around his neck. Kirby then finds himself in a strange land, where everything is yarn, including himself. A monster is seen chasing a yarn boy and Kirby tries to suck up the monster, but the air goes right through his body. Not sure on what to do, he suddenly transforms into a car and drives off with the yarn boy. Kirby finds out that the tomato was Yin-Yarn's Metamato, and it gave him the power to turn into a variety of things. The yarn boy reveals himself to be Prince Fluff who teaches Kirby the ropes of how to do basic abilities.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Gameplay

Kirby's Epic Yarn uses the Wii Remote held sideways. This game is different from earlier titles of the series, as Kirby uses a whip-like ability to attack enemies and swing on buttons to gain height and interact with the environment around him. He is not able to copy enemies by swallowing them or float in the air. But tapping the attack button will defeat most enemies, while holding down the 2 button will capture them and turn them into a ball of yarn and use them to throw. Kirby can glide in the form of a parachute and transform into a car for extra speed and uses a 2 ton transformation to drop with force. Throughout the game, he will be able to transform into other things, such as a penguin, dolphin, fire engine, a rocket, and a tank to just name a few.

Similar to the Wario Land Series, in each level, there are three secret treasure chest to be found. These will unlock extra levels, or items. He can also collect beads that will increase his score for the level and earn medals at the end of every level. This will also unlock side levels. Kirby cannot die in this game, but will lose a lot of beads if he is hurt. These beads are used to buy items from the shop. Usually these items are furniture and wallpapers to customize Kirby's pad. Other characters will show up in Kirby's living area and set challenges like time trials or collect all beads in a level. If playing multiplayer, the second player will play as Prince Fluff. The two players can stand on or throw one another to reach inaccessible areas, and the second player can sometimes use additional abilities on certain transformations.

Two classic Kirby characters make a return to the series. King Dedede and Meta Knight are both manipulated by Yin-Yarn and are bosses in this game. Whispy Woods, and Kracko make returns as well.

[edit] Quilty Square

Quilty square is an area in the game that allows the player to access Kirby's Pad and decorate it with items that can be found throughout the game. They player can also choose to upholster it with unlocked fabrics with a good amount of customizations like changing the angle or size. Kirby is also able to purchase furniture from a shopkeeper by using beads he finds throughout the game. Kirby will also have neighbors in Patch Land and he helps Dom Woole with managing the apartments. Kirby will help by furnishing these apartments with certain furniture found in levels and once an apartment is completely furnished, a friend will take up residence.

Kirby will be able to play games with each of his neighbors. Zeke plays hide-and-seek, Beadrix plays bead collecting, Carrie plays a game where Kirby will have to help her get her chair in a level, Buster plays a game where Kirby will have to defeat a certain amount of enemies and Mara will race Kirby.

[edit] Transformations

In this game, Kirby's inhaling ability has been taken away due to being turned into yarn. As well he will not be able to fly. However, he will have a variety of forms that he can transform into.

[edit] Regular Forms

These forums will not require a power-up.

  • Car: Double tap left or right on the Wii Remote's Control Pad. The car forum will allow Kirby to move quicker and jump higher and farther.
  • Pendulum: Press the 1 Button to grab a hold of the button. This will allow Kirby to reach higher areas and find new ones.
  • Parachute: When falling down, hold the 2 button. This will allow Kirby to turn into a parachute and fall slower.
  • 2 Ton Kirby: When Kirby is in the air, the player can press down and Kirby will be able to break bricks that he couldn't normally.
  • Sleigh: On certain levels, this will replace the car form. Kirby will be able to slide up and down ramps at high speeds and skate over water.
  • Submarine: Kirby will transform into this when he jumps into water.
  • Strength: Allows Kirby to unzip zippers and move heavy objects.
  • Snake: Allows Kirby to slide through small gaps.

[edit] Special Forms

After eating a Metamortex, Kirby will be able to become these forms. Some of these forms will require two players.

  • Digger: Kirby can dig into certain areas that look like cotton as well as destroy crystals in front of doorways.
  • Dolphin: This form allows Kirby to get some serious speed and jump through hoops, swim up waterfalls and bounce beads off its nose.
  • Fire Engine: Kirby will be able to put out fire enemies and fires when in this form.
  • Off-Roader: In this form, Kirby can travel faster and break blocks.
  • Rocket: Kirby is able to destroy enemies by shooting stars at them and fly around a rocket form.*
  • Saucer: Kirby will be transformed into a UFO and abduct enemies. Once enough enemies are abducted, he will be able to blast out an attack destroying all on screen.
  • Spin Boarder: This will allow Kirby to surf and jump. As well he can grab a pair of wings for a short time to be able to jump higher.
  • Star Shooter: Similar to it's appearance in Kirby Super Star, it will fly around and shoot star shots sideways.
  • Tankbot: This will transform Kirby into a large tank. It is able to hover, and shoot missiles. With a second player, boxing gloves are included.
  • Train: Kirby can ride on train tracks that take him to new areas. These tracks are created by the player.

[edit] Controls

The game is played by using the Wii Remote sideways.

  • Directional Pad (D-Pad): Move
  • + Button: View pause screen
  • - Button: View controls for current form
  • 1 Button: Use yarn whip
  • 2 Button: Jump
  • A Button: Call Angie
  • B Button: U-Turn when in Train Form

[edit] Enemies

Enemies that are seen in Kirby's Epic Yarn.

[edit] Bosses

[edit] Mini-Bosses

[edit] Bosses

[edit] Worlds

Certain areas can only be accessed by obtaining their corresponding Area Patch.

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