Kirby's Egg-cellent Adventure

The episode starts with King Dedede bird-spotting. Soon, the birds soon fly away, as Dyna Blade, the sacred bird of Cappy Town, has come back after a hundred years to lay her egg. After all the destruction it caused, King Dedede lures Kirby into a trap by placing food on a fishing rod, capturing Kirby, and showing him the Dyna Blade egg. Kirby soon gets hungry, and takes the egg from the nest. Tiff and Tuff soon find the nest empty, and go to find Kirby. Dedede paints the ground, tricking Dyna Blade into believing that Kirby ate the egg. As Kirby runs from Dyna Blade, havoc breaks out as shops and homes in Cappy Town are destroyed by the Dyna Blade. However, the Dyna Blade chick is soon found to be looked after by Kirby, and the episode finishes.

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