Kirby's Duel Role

Kirby's Duel Role

Kirby vs Meta Knight, a legendary battle.
Japanese Title What?! Battle with Sir Meta Knight?
Episode Number 03 (Japan and US)
Air Dates Japan - 10/20/2001

USA - 9/21/2002

Copy Ability Sword
Demon Beast Bugzzy
Guest Character --

[edit] Storyline

We begin with Kirby sleeping peacefully in his tree. Tiff and Tuff. But, what's this? Kirby receives a challenge to duel from Meta Knight! At first Kirby is eager for the fight, but earlier that day, Tiff and Tuff overheard Meta Knight talking to King Dedede. The King sent him to destroy Kirby once and for all! But it's too late to turn back now, Kirby heads off to Kabu Canyon to meet the challenge. It is very clear at the beginning that Meta Knight is going to win, for Kirby has absolutely no way to defend himself! But, being the honorable knight he is, Meta Knight gives Kirby his own sword. As the fight continues, Meta Knight is secretly teaching Kirby how to become a better fighter and defend himself. He also tells Kirby about a powerful move called sword beam. To activate it, once must focus and transfer all power into the sword.

Meanwhile, King Dedede and Escargoon think that they figured out Kirby's weakness: sword fighting! They run off to Customer Service to ask for a master sword-fighting Demon Beast. Customer Service sells them Bugzzy, a crazy giant bug with a sword in one hand and a club in the other.

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