Kirby's Dream Course

Kirby's Dream Course

Boxart for Kirby's Dream Course
Developer HAL Laboratory
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Super NES
Release Dates Feb 1, 1995 (North America)
Sep 21, 1994 (Japan)
Genre Sport/Puzzle
Rating E (Everyone)
Perspective Isometric
Players 1-4


[edit] Background

Kirby's Dream Course is one of the very few (if any) Kirby games to have a genre other than Platform/Action. Instead, this game is more of a puzzle! Dream Course is very similar to the sport golf, which is often thought of as boring, or long by most kids. But of course, Kirby changes that all! There are tons of enemies and blockages to get around before Kirby can actually go for the goal. Not to mention you have only four shots! Kirby's Dream Course could possibly be the hardest Kirby game yet, so good luck.

[edit] Storyline

It's a happy day in Dream Land, and all of the residents are going along with their peaceful lives, taking naps and eating snacks all day long. Finally it's nighttime, and everybody is ready to get in their cozy beds and have a wonderful night of dreams under the stars. Dream Land's night sky was famous, and it was thought that the bright stars were watching over everyone. That night, one of the residents suggests that everyone should gaze at the beautiful sky.

But, something's wrong. There is not one star in the whole Dream Land sky! Something is not right, but nobody knows what it could be! That night, nobody sleeps well without their guardian stars. In the morning, everyone is fretting about what happened to the stars! But finally, it's assumed that the stars will return that night. But when the moon rises again, there are still no stars.

Time went on and there was still not a star to be found. Nobody is sleeping well, and nobody is having wonderful happy dreams anymore! The worries even cause the residents of Dream Land to be too worried to eat. So now, every one is sad, scared, hungry, and tired. It's up to Kirby to figure out what happened. The most likely thing is that King Dedede took the stars, so Kirby sets off to his castle, filled with traps and enemies. Will he save the day? Or will Dream Land lie under a black sky forever?

[edit] Gameplay

Kirby is the ball in this action-packed golf course, and it's up to you to ultimately get him to the hole. You control how hard to shoot him, and in which direction he's aiming. But it's more complicated then that. You must avoid several traps like conveyor belts, turntables, and warp panels. And on top of that there are enemies that are just trying to be in the way. Luckily, there are a variety of abilities that Kirby can gain which will help him defeat obstacles.

[edit] Features

  • Control the angle and force of your shot
  • Defeat enemies along the way
  • Find the cup in each level
  • Use many helpful abilities
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