Kirby's Ablities (SS)

Hot hot hot, it's Fire Kirby!


Fire Kirby has pretty much appeared in all Kirby games, gaining and enhancing skills as time went on. At the beginning he could only blow fire out of his mouth, then he could attack with a burning dash, and finally in Squeak Squad he is able to shoot fire balls across short distances! This ability comes in use for lighting fuses, melting weak things, destroying steel blocks, zooming past small spiky passages. When Kirby has this power, it will not be in use when he's swimming.

  • Fire Ball - Press B
  • Fire Stream - Hold B (Press Up/Down to Move Stream)
  • Burning Dash - Press Left/Right Twice + B


Another one of the more original powers, Ice has a slightly higher usefulness in this game. It's able to freeze lava and put out fires. Ice also has a cool addition, which is being able to turn enemies into ice cubes, then shoot the cubes at other enemies. Like Fire, Ice cannot be used in water.

  • Icy Ball - Press B
  • Icy Breath - Hold B (Press Up/Down to Move Breath Stream)


This ability is very useful and cool, and when used properly it often can help a great deal when killing bosses. When you are Spark Kirby, you can use Thunderclouds, Water, and Metal as conductors for your electricity. This also cannot be used while swimming.

  • Surround Yourself in Electricity - Press/Hold B
Electrifying, here comes Beam Kirby.


A very common ability, but also useful to do it's tall and wide range. The Beam power is also used, like Spark, to conduct electricity on water, thunderclouds, or metal. Beam has no use in water.

  • Electric Beam - Press B


With this ability Kirby can defeat enemies by whipping past them in the form of a tornado. When you first have this power though it can be hard to control. Once you have experience, Tornado Kirby can be very helpful with defeating bosses. Still, this has no use in water.

  • Become a Tornado - Press B
  • Glide Upwards (While a Tornado) - Hold B


Helpful in the game at times, Parasol is a pretty basic power. It helps to protect you from falling enemies, and allows you to float gracefully to the ground. The Parasol can be used in water.

  • Swing Parasol Forward - Press B
  • Shoot Small Stars from Parasol - Hold B

Sharp Blade, Great Distance. Cutter Kirby's power is great.


Cutter Kirby gives you the ability to cut through ropes and defeat enemies from a distance. Unfortunately this power has no use in water, but you can throw your blade through water.

  • Throw Blade - Press B (Hold B to throw your blade farther)
  • Move Blade Up and Down - Hold B + Up/Down


A helpful ability for solving puzzles in certain stages. Other then that, Laser is a fairly weak ability. It's also able to light fuses like Fire. The Laser power also has no use in water.

  • Shoot Small Laser Beam - Press B
  • Shoot Large Laser Beam - Hold B + Up, than Release


Bomb is a very fun, yet still useful ability. It has one of the largest range of attacks, and helps with solving puzzles occasionally. A Bomb will flash with an orange color right before it's about to explode, so don't hold one too long! You can also combine the Bomb power with Ice or Spark on the Copy Palette (Touch Screen) to create different breeds of bombs!

  • Hold Bomb - Press B
  • Toss Bomb Forward - Press B Twice
  • Toss a Bomb Upward or Downwards - Press B, then Hold Up/Down, then Press B Again
  • Set a Bomb on Ground - Press B, then B + Down
Here comes the wheel, fast and furious.
  • Throw a Bomb Straight and Far - Press B, then Left/Right Arrow twice, then B Again
  • Slide with a Bomb - Press B, then Down + A


Fast and simple, the wheel ability is for those who like to get things done quickly. With this power you can defeat enemies by just running into them, run right on top of water, move at the speed of a spark when on metal, and fuse with fire by running over lava.

  • Transform into a Wheel - Press B
  • Stop Being a Wheel (When a Wheel already) - Press B
  • Jump While a Wheel - Press A


UFO is of the rarest, most exciting, and most useful abilities in the game. Not only does Kirby naturally float above the ground, but it comes with both an improved Laser and Beam power! It all depends on how long you hold B. The strongest laser can also destroy steel blocks.

  • Electric Beam - Tap B
  • Small Laser - Hold B for 1/2 a Second
  • Medium Laser - Hold B for 1 Second
  • Large Laser - Hold B for 1 1/2 Seconds

Watch out for that hammer!


Hammer Kirby is stronger than both the Parasol and the Sword. With this ability you can knock down wooden pegs, break through steel blocks. When using the fire hammer attack you can burn grass, light fuses, and melt weak steel blocks. The hammer can be used in water.

  • Bring Down Hammer - Press B
  • Spin Hammer - Press B While in Air
  • Ground Hammer Spin - Press Left/Right Twice + B
  • Fire Hammer - Press B + Up
  • Huge Hammer - Hold B for a few Seconds, then Release


Cupid, though funny and cute, is one of the weaker abilities Kirby can have. Even with the easy flying and different arrow strengths it takes several hits to kill a medium strength enemy. You can cut ropes, but Cupid has no effect in water.

  • Begin Flying - Press A Twice
  • Shoot Arrow - Press B
  • Shoot Arrow Farther - Hold B Shortly
  • Shoot Three Arrows - Hold B
  • Shoot Three Arrows Farther - Hold B for Awhile
  • Aim Arrow Up/Down - Hold B + Up/Down
  • Shoot Three Arrows Straight - Press Left/Right Twice, than B

Zzzz...wake Kirby up later, he needs his beauty sleep.


An attack? Well not really. It's possible if you get the scroll for the Sleep Power that you may restore some HP while taking a little nap, but storing or swallowing the power is rarely every worth it. It can be used in water if you have the Sleep Bubble.

  • Sleep - No Button

Hi Jump

Hi-Jump, the slightly out of control, is a very fun power to use. Simply crash through enemies with your hi-jump. But be careful while floating back down as enemies are able to hurt you at hat time. Has no effect in water.

  • Hi-Jump - Press B


What's a Kirby game without the sword ability? As it grows better and more powerful through the years, the sword power now has more attacks and can be used in many different situations. This ability can be used in water. If you combine the Sword bubble with either Fire, Ice, or Spark on the touch screen you'll create an elemental sword! Woohoo!

  • Slash Sword - Press B
  • Spin Sword - Press B in Air
  • Super Slashes - Press B Twice
  • Super Slashes + Final Slash - Press B Three Times
  • Final Cutter - Press B + Up
  • Sword Slide - Press B + Down

Caution: Watch out for flying enemies.


A pretty basic but not at all weak power, Throw has been in several Kirby games. Throw can break steel blocks, but cannot be used underwater. Enemies that you throw each have their own little aura that depends on what kind of enemy they are.

  • Star Inhale - Press B
  • Throw Enemy - Press B While Holding Enemy (Hold Up/Down to Aim)


Magic is a newer Kirby power and a very fun one to play around with. It uses a few playful magician tricks and encorperates them into attacks. With some attacks Magic can cut ropes and break steel blocks, but it can't be used underwater.

  • Release Three Doves - Press B
  • Release Playing Cards - Press B + Left/Right
  • Release Clown Head - Press B + Up
  • Effect Roulette - Hold B


Woohoo, a ninja! This time the power is back with tons of different attacks and uses. Ninja Kirby can cut, use a bit of fire power and avoid threatening close attacks. Though you can't use this power underwater you can actually walk on top of water!

  • Throw Dagger - Tap B
  • Fire Attack - Hold B, then Release
  • Slash Dagger - Press B + Left/Right (When close to an enemy, this attack will take the enemy and throw it.)
  • Wall Grab - A + Left/Right when near a Wall
  • Wall Jump - A + Left/Right when near a Wall + A
  • Wall Grab + Throw Dagger - A + Left/Right when near a Wall + B
Watch out, here he comes! Fighting his way through the game.


A powerful and wide-ranging ability, Fighter is one of the stronger ones in the game. While it is great for fighting many enemies at one time this power isn't very helpful in puzzles and such. Fighter can smash steel blocks but has no effect in water.

  • Quick Jabs - Press B
  • Quick Jabs then Uppercut - Press B Twice
  • Quick Jabs, Uppercut, then Slam - Perform the Uppercut then Press B
  • Kicks - Press B in Air
  • Downward Slash - Press Down + B in Air
  • Quick Uppercut - Press Left/Right Twice then B
  • Hold B - Release Starblast (Power depends on how long B is held.)


Animal Kirby is new, fun, and useful in Kirby Squeak Squad. Not only are his attacks fast and simple, but he also comes with the new ability to cut through some dirt, opening up new areas and items. Animal Kirby has no effect in water.

  • Claw Attack - Press B
  • Lunge - Press Left/Right Twice + B
  • Drill Attack A + B + Left/Right/Down
  • Ceiling Dig - A + Up (With Diggable Dirt Above You)
  • Dig - B + Control Pad
Bubble bubble bubble! Have fun and store up abilities for later.


Yay, fun with bubbles! Despite it's silly and weak-sounding name, Bubble Kirby can be insanely useful in this game. Not only do his bubble attacks harm enemies, but they also transform the enemy you hit into a bubble power with that ability, so you can store it and use it later. No effect in water though.

  • Bubble - Press B
  • Bubble Stream - Hold B (Hold Up/Down to move stream)
  • Super Bubble - Press B + Left/Right


This ability is simply slow, sturdy and in it's own way, indestructible. You can kill enemies by walking over them, so you don't need fighting skills with this power. However, Metal Kirby moves, swims, and floats VERY slowly.

  • Body Slam - Press A + Down + B
  • Metal Ball - Press B


The new and original Ghost Kirby has arrived. With only two ways to get it (fight the rare Ghost Boss or beat the game) this power is rare and useful. It's not meant for real gameplay, and can be annoying since Kirby can't go down ladders in this form.

  • Ghost Tackle - Press B
  • Experiment with different enemies to master Ghost Kirby's power!

Triple Star Rod

Some say this is the most powerful ability in the whole game, while some disagree. Either way it's definitely not the weakest. Stars can cut, destroy clouds, and even destroy dirt.

  • Star Swing - Press B
  • Star Spin - Press B While In Air
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