Kirby's Avalanche

Kirby's Avalanche

Boxart for Kirby's Avalanche
Developer HAL Laboratory/Compile
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Super NES
Release Dates Feb 1, 1995 (North America)
July 27, 2007 (Europe)
Genre Puzzle
Rating E (Everyone)
Perspective Flat-Size View
Players 1 or 2

[edit] Background

Kirby's Avalanche(Also known as Kirby's Ghost Trap.) is one of the few puzzle games in the Kirby Series. Dream Land has decided to host it's first ever Avalanche competition, and naturally, Kirby wants to try! The games will be played in tournament style. If you win a round, you go on, if you lose, you're out. Kirby challenges many opponents including Meta Knight, King Dedede, Fololo & Falala, and Kabu. Though Kirby's Avalanche is different and was not as successful as many Kirby games, it is still known as a very fun and addicting puzzle game, and players can easily be hooked for many months.

Players will try to stack colored ghosts of the same color together, so the ghosts will meld together. If you combine enough, then a boulder crashes down on your opponents team!

[edit] Story

The game "Avalanche" had been well known as a fun pastime in Dream Land for many years. Finally, somebody thought it would be a good idea to hold a competition! After months of planning, the first ever competition was announced, and was to take place at the Fountain of Dreams. The winner of the tournament will receive the wonderful Dream Cup. The rules are this: Everyone who is participating must travel to the Fountain of Dreams, on foot. As they travel, they will most likely meet up with another competitor. They must challenge that person to battle, and only the winner continues on to the fountain. Will you lead Kirby to victory?

[edit] Features

  • Different difficulty modes
  • Twelve special avalanche voices
  • Compete with sixteen challengers
  • Play with a friend in the two player mode
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