Kirby as he appears in Super Smash Brothers: Brawl.

Kirby is the eponymous star of the Kirby series, created by Masahiro Sakurai developed by HAL Laboratory. Kirby and the series is well known around the world, with over twenty games spanning over nearly every Nintendo console.


[edit] Character Biography

[edit] Background

This adorable pink puff is an old and well-known Nintendo character, starting with his debut appearance in Kirby's Dream Land, released in 1992. Since then he’s stared in several games and also been a character in all three of the Super Smash Bros. games. His most well-known power is to be able to swallow his enemies to gain their special super-power.

Kirby was originally named “Popopo”, and his game was to be called “Twinkle Popopo”. But, as the game and the character progressed and moved along, the name “Kirby” was preferred over the original choice. There is no certainty as of where Kirby’s name came from, as his creator claims to not remember. The color of this little guy was also a small conflict. Because the actual Nintendo Game Boy had the old monochrome color scheme, Kirby’s color could not be represented. The creators intended for him to be pink, but one man, Shigeru Miyamoto, saw him as a yellow color. This lead to confusion when shipping the box to North America. For then, Kirby was portrayed as white in the box art, game cartridge, advertisements, and instruction manual. But, the Japanese box art showed Kirby with a pink color.

Interestingly, Miyamoto's thought that Kirby would be yellow lead to an in joke between HAL Laboratories, and developing the character Keeby.

An older version of Kirby

[edit] Visual Appearance and Personality

Kirby’s appearance is simple, cute, and well-known. He is a very flexible round pink puff, with bright red feet (or shoes). He has big oval-shaped eyes and a pretty large mouth to boot, but in earlier images both of those features were much smaller. Kirby is about eight inches tall, and his weight is assumed to be something very light as in most games he can puff up his body and float through the air!

Kirby’s personality is fairly easy to decipher. He’s a very positive and happy character, always holding faith that he can save the day. Kirby also loves to eat and that has even been his motivation to stop evil in a few games, such as Kirby Squeak Squad. His favorite food is Strawberry Shortcake. Along with loving to eat he enjoys sleeping away the day and singing, though his pitch might be a little bit off. Despite Kirby coming off as cute, innocent, and kind he has extreme fighting skills when taking his enemies’ power. Kirby is not mute, but he has rarely been seen to talk for more than a few words at a time such as “Hi!”. He also does not talk in the Anime series.

A manga cover featuring Kirby and friends

[edit] Comics

Kirby has many different manga comic series but an official one has never been released. Nearly all of them are written in the Japanese language and all of them written by different authors. Many of the manga on Kirby are based on the video games that Kirby had starred in. An example of one is the German manga featuring Kirby and King Dedede working side by side as detectives fighting crime and solving different cases. His animal friends are featured as Kirby's pets and the main characters from The Adventures of Lolo are also shown in the manga.

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