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King Dedede as he appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

[edit] Character Biography

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King Dedede is a primary villain within the Kirby series, although he is also sometimes portrayed as an anti-hero. He is an overweight penguin, who shares many abilities with Kirby himself, such as the ability to inhale air and float. Allegedly, King Dedede rules over Pop Star, though due to the ambiguous geography of the planet, it is not sure how much of the planet he actually owns. King Dedede uses attacks that are similar to Kirby. He can inhale enemies and he has trained himself to puff up and float like Kirby can. He has been in every Kirby game, with the exception of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.

[edit] Visual Appearance and Personality

King Dedede is a large creature, similar to a penguin in some ways. He wears a long and very royal looking red robe with white fuzzy fringe, complete with a matching hat. A golden crown-like piece sits on top of his hat. Underneath the robe he wears slightly fancy clothes. King Dedede has orange feet, an orange mouth, and a blue face. He also wears orange gloves. To complete the outfit he carries a huge hammer, which is his main weapon.

It is worth noting that Dedede is not inherently evil, just incredibly greedy. This is shown in Kirby's Dream Land, where he steals all the food on Pop Star for himself. However, on many an occasion, King Dedede has actually aided Kirby in his pursuits around Pop Star. In Kirby's Adventure, King Dedede destroys the Star Rod in a bid to prevent Nightmare from entering Dream Land.

King Dedede and his frontman Escargoon as they appear in the TV show.

[edit] Anime

King Dedede is really seen as the evil one in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, buying Demon Beasts from Nightmare Enterprises and releasing them on the innocent townspeople of Cappytown. Once Kirby arrives, he is angry that everyone in the whole town likes the little pink hero. Therefore that just leads him to buying more beasts, that Kirby defeats. By King Dedede's side is his right hand man, a snail creature named Escargoon. The king seems to greatly enjoy picking and pounding on this grouchy and cranky guy. His castle is guarded by many Waddle Dees and a few Waddle Doos, that really aren't that hard to deal with.

Other then buying Demon beasts, hating Kirby, and picking on Escargoon, King Dedede has a few other interests. In one episode it is said that he enjoys watching birds. He also loves golf, and is very eager to clear out Whispy Woods to create his own golf course. He claims that he's the 17,962nd ruler of Dream Land, but who knows if that's really true. King Dedede is overweight, and is often teased about being fat or tubby. But those who say that will most likely meet the wrath of his trusty hammer.

[edit] Cameos In Other Games

  • King Dedede was meant to appear in the very first Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 64, but due to time constraints, he was not included. Dedede finally made his Super Smash Bros. debut on the third game in the installment, Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii.

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