Kabu as he appears in the anime.

Kabu is a strange statue located in the convinietly named Kabu Canyon. He can see the future. Kabu was the one who told Tiff and Tuff that a Star Warrior named Kirby would be coming, and would save the land from it's coming doom. Kabu knows a lot about Dream Land and it's history. He knows who Nightmare is and some of his evil plans. It's unclear how much the wise statue really knows, but Meta Knight will occasionally stop being so mysterious and explain some of Kabu's knowledge.

Kabu also protects Kirby's Warp Star from King Dedede and other enemies. When Kirby needs the warp star, Tiff calls for Kabu and he sends it to Kirby.

[edit] In Kirby Games

The only appearance Kabu has made in the games is as a weak enemy. Here he was very small, but still had the same wooden look and hollow mouth/nose. He isn't hard to defeat as an enemy, as all he does is hop and slide around (usually in a small room). Occasionally he'll disappear then reappear in an inconvenient place.

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