Items (K64:CS)

This page describes various items that are found in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Collecting them along the way will help Kirby be successful in his journey to save the planet Ripple Star.


[edit] Maxim Tomato


As one of the most common items in all Kirby games, these tomatoes are very useful. They are large, juicy, bright red tomatoes with a large "M" on the front. Upon finding them, Kirby's health will be completely restored!

[edit] Food


The food that Kirby finds serves the same purpose as Maxim Tomatoes: to restore health. Though they aren't quite as efficient, they are found much more often. There are many different types of food, and they each restore Kirby's health by one point.

[edit] Invincibility Lollipop


Though it's a rare item, these lollipops are very helpful! When eaten, Kirby will become invincible for a short period of time. Every enemy he touches will be instantly defeated, and absolutely nothing can hurt him.

[edit] Stars


Stars will appear in many levels, in a variety of different colors. When you collect 30 stars, Kirby will gain an extra life! The worth of stars is as follows: Yellow is 1, Green is 3, Red is 5, and Blue is 10.

[edit] 1-Up


This simple item is very helpful, as it gives Kirby a whole extra life! Too bad they aren't very common.

[edit] Shard


Of course, shards are the key to saving Ribbon's home planet and completing the game. They are found either hidden in levels, or carried by a boss. Do your best to collect them all, so the pieces can finally be put back together.

[edit] Enemy Card


Enemy Cards are items that are only found at the end of the level game. Other then the fact that it's fun to try to collect them all, there really isn't a purpose. You can view your collection under options in the Main Menu screen.

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