Ice Kirby

Ice Kirby
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Catch Phrase “First I'll freeze 'em, then I'll kick 'em along! Brrrr!”
Appearances Kirby's Adventure, Kirby's Dream Land 2, Kirby Super Star, Kirby's Dream Land 3, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, Kirby: Squeak Squad
Enemies Pengi, Chilly, Frigis, Emp, Wappa, Prank, Bukiset, Propeller
Bosses Mr. Frosty
Ability Type Elemental
Special Powers Freezes Water and Magma


[edit] Information

Ice Kirby is one of the more basic abilities, appearing in the early Kirby's Adventure. Ice Kirby breathes an icy breath that freezes enemies instantly into ice cubes. Kirby can then nudge the ice cubes and send them flying into other enemies. He can also breathe ice and can freeze magma or water into ice. Even though it's simple, Ice is a very fun and useful ability. In Kirby: Squeak Squad, the ice ability could be combined with the sword ability, creating an ice sword. This sword was also able to freeze enemies, water, and magma.

[edit] Physical Appearance

Ice Kirby's appearances varies slightly in different games, but his general look will be described. Ice Kirby is blue, not pink, and has flushed cheeks (probably due to the cold). He wears a magnificent ice crown made of shaped ice crystal on top of a golden band with a star in the center.

[edit] In the Anime

In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Kirby has the more well known appearance (pictured right). His attacks are very similar to in the games, as he uses his icy breath against foes. The small difference is that the Ice ability has very little effect on ice enemies, so Kirby will have to think a little harder to defeat them.

[edit] Episodes

  • Dedede's Snow Job
  • Labor Daze
  • Tourist Trap
  • The Chill Factor
  • Combat Kirby

[edit] Transformation Video

[edit] Other Appearances

  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Ice Kirby appears as a collectible trophy.
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