Gordo is an enemy in most of the Kirby video games. Gordo can't be beaten, but can only be dodged. Kirby cannot inhale Gordo because it has spikes on its entire body. Gordo just floats around in the some kind of a simple pattern, and is more of a trap than an enemy. Gordo is basically just a sphere with spikes all around it. He has two big eyes and no mouth or nose. His appearance really hasn't changed as the Kirby games has progressed, but that's why he's one of the more original enemies.

[edit] Kirby Game Appearances

[edit] Kirby's Dream Land

In his first appearance, Gordo did what he always does, float around in various annoying patterns. He appeared in pretty much every single level on normal mode, including under water. Hitting him was never a good idea, as it cost Kirby three life points. Gordo was also in Extra Mode, but he moved even faster and in less predictable patterns. A few Mini Bosses and Bosses used Gordo in their attacks too.

Gordo's usual look.

[edit] Kirby's Adventure

Once again Gordo was invincible, moving around in his patterns. This time he didn't cost Kirby quite so much health as in Kirby's Dream Land.

(Same appearance in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land.)

[edit] Kirby's Dream Land 3

Finally! Gordo's with a bit more variety! This time he appears in a few mini-games Kirby must beat (in order to get Heart Stars). Gordo comes in several different colors and expressions, making him a bit less boring.

[edit] Kirby's Air Ride

Gordo is used as an item in this game. Kirby can throw several giant Gordo's in the area, blocking and harming his opponents. For some reason there was a miss-communication and the item was falsely known as "Golden Spikes".

[edit] Other Appearances

  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Gordo, like Waddle Dee and Waddle Doo appeared as a small enemy from King Dedede's final smash. In the game he is much more rare, yet more harmful (since he's still invincible) than other enemies. Gordo is also a trophy in SSBB.
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