Fololo & Falala

Fololo and Falala, together as always!

Fololo and Falala are somewhat important characters in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, and minor in Kirby games.

According to the anime, Fololo and Falala are creations of the evil Nightmare. However, he found them very useless. They were originally one creature, Fofa, while in the hands of Nightmare, but as he sent them away he had them split into two halves. Of course they were later sold to King Dedede. But they were still useless at doing anything evil, so the King just gave them away to Sir Ebrum and Lady Like when Tiff was just a small girl. Fololo and Falala then grew up with no idea of their past or birth.

Now, Fololo and Falala are never seen apart. For awhile they didn't quite no why, but as they found out about their origin they just became happier that they'd always been so close. While the two only play a big role in one or two of the episodes, they're often seen floating near Tiff and Tuff, helping Kirby in some way.

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