The cranky snail himself.

[edit] Character Biography

[edit] Info

Escargoon is a character that only appears in the anime TV Show, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He appears in the very first episode and is in, at one point or another, every one from then on. It's said that Escargoon grew up somewhere in a small farm on Pop Star with his mother.

[edit] Appearance and Personality

Escargoon is a purple snail that's about as tall as King Dedede's shoulder. He has light green facial hair and a dark teal shell. He only appears to have four teeth. He's probably one of the older characters, about middle aged or so.

Escargoon has a very grouchy personality, and is rarely seen smiling. He is the King's frontman and is pretty much never seen away from his side. Surprisingly though, he does have a soft side, for his mother. Escargoon seems very set on making her proud, sometimes going to great lengths or lying to do so. He's always wanted to make her proud, but working for the King isn't exactly what he meant. Despite how King Dedede feels, Escargoon doesn't actually hate Kirby, he just goes along with his pranks because he's very very dedicated to the king. The sad thing is, Escargoon is often pranked, tease, and beaten by King Dedede, who enjoys doing this just because he can. In one episode though, he sings a song that mentions "He's truly very selfish, but I love His Majesty."

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