Enemies (NES/NiD)

[edit] Note

This enemy list is valid for Kirby's Adventure and Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land.

Axe Knight and Blade Knight (on top), Blipper and Bomber (on bottom).

[edit] Axe Knight

Axe Knight is one of Meta Knight's henchmen. He is almost always seen with Javelin Knight, Trident Knight, and Mace Knight. All he'll do is sit around and throw axes at you. Just watch out for them and defeat him right as quickly as you can. Swallowing him will give you no ability.

[edit] Blade Knight

Blade Knight is a very common enemy who will simply slash his sword at you. But be careful, his movements can be quick and unpredictable. Only get close to him if you're going to inhale or defeat him. Swallowing Sword Knight gives you the Sword ability. Some version of Blade Knight is in pretty much every Kirby game, and Blade Knight was even featured as a minor character in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

[edit] Blipper

The annoying little fish will just keep following Kirby around in the water, occasionally jumping on to land too. He has no other attack though, so getting rid of him is very easy. Blipper is in most Kirby games, and swallowing him gives you no ability.

[edit] Bomber

Bounder and Bronto Burt (on top), Broom Hatter and Bubbles (on bottom).

Bomber is small, quick, and powerful. But, the only way he can hurt you is by self destructing himself. Bomber will appear on the edge of some type of a cliff, and when you get to close he'll drop and explode when he reaches the ground, harming anybody near him. Staying away is often a good idea, but if you can swallow him fast enough he'll give you the powerful Crash ability.

[edit] Bounder

Bounder isn't too hard to understand. The little guy jumps around and well, bounds off of walls and the ground. If you stay in one spot for awhile they may attempt to jump on top of you. Bounder occasionally throws stars also. Swallowing him gives you no ability.

[edit] Bronto Burt

The annoying bird doesn't do anything but fly around, occasionally just trying to chase you. He's easy to avoid but it's best to deal with him quickly. Bronto Burt gives you no ability, and he is seen in many other Kirby games.

[edit] Broom Hatter

No need to hurt her, Broom Hatter is just doing her business cleaning and sweeping around. She'll never intentionally try to hurt you, but if you keep getting in her way... Anyways, Broom Hatter gives you no ability when swallowed.

[edit] Bubbles

Bubbles is a very rare enemy. He's round, small, and cute, and always has a happy smile on his face. All he does is bounce
Cappy (Disguise), Cappy (Actual) (on top), Chilly and Coner (on bottom).
around, so just make sure he doesn't hit you. Swallowing Bubbles gives you the Ball ability.

[edit] Cappy

Cappy is a small and harmless Mushroom. He won't try to hurt you, so you may as well leave the little guy alone. He appears to be in a disguise though, for if you try to inhale him, the disguise is gone and he shows who he really is.

[edit] Chilly

It's Chilly the snowman! This cute frozen enemy will move in a small area, or not at all. Every few seconds he'll pause and surround himself in an icy circle. Stay away from him and he won't hurt you, but swallowing Chilly gives you the Freeze ability.

[edit] Coner

The strange little crab-like thing stay in his shell, sliding around on the ground. He doesn't try to hurt you really, and you get no ability if you swallow him.

[edit] Cool Spook

Cool Spook is a slightly rare and unique enemy. He floats around the area, nothing else. Whenever you see him, swallowing him is a good idea, as he gives you the Light ability which often helps later in the stage.

[edit] Dygclops

Cool Spook and Flamer (on top), Glunk and Gordo (on bottom).

Dygclops is a small missile that appears only when fighting the Heavy Mole boss. He'll just aim straight for you, so jump out of the way. Swallowing him will either give you the Sleep or Hammer ability, so be careful.

[edit] Flamer

Flamer is a basic fire enemy that appears in many Kirby games. He is often found zooming next to walls or the ground. If he gets to close at you, he'll pause then charge at you, flaming. Watch out! Flamer gives you the Burning ability.

[edit] Gip

(only in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land) Gip is a small flying pig that just hops around on the walls or on the ground. Be careful, because they occasionally throw stars at you. Gip gives you no ability.

[edit] Glunk

Watch out for this annoying sea-blob. He won't move, but he'll sit on the sea floor and shoot diamond like bullets at you. Get rid of him from a side angle as soon as you can. Or you can just make sure you know when he's going to shoot the bullets, as it's often timed. Swallowing him gives you no ability.

[edit] Gordo

This invincible spikey enemy is in many Kirby games. There's no way to kill or even harm him, so just stay out of his way.

[edit] Hot Head

Hot Head is one of the most basic enemies (aside from Waddle Dee) in all the Kirby games. He is the main source for the fire ability, and is therefore in many different levels. He will walk around casually, and spit out fireballs at you!

[edit] Javelin Knight

Javelin Knight is another one of Meta Knight's henchmen. He is neither hard or easy to defeat. But all he'll do is spin around and throw javelins at you. It's recommended to deal with him quickly. Javelin Knight will give you no ability.

[edit] Kabu

Kabu is just a strange block that spins, slides, and jumps around. Occasionally he'll disappear and reappear in random places. He has no ability.

[edit] Laser Ball

Another basic enemy, Laser Ball floats around in various stages. If he gets too close to you, he'll aim at you, then charge up and shoot a laser beam before flying away. He gives you the Laser Power when swallowed.

[edit] Mace Knight

Yet another one of Meta Knight's henchmen. Mace Knight isn't any different from his fellow Knight's, except for the fact that he carries a giant mace. He may be the most powerful out of the henchmen, as he also runs around very quickly. Swallowing him gives you no power.

[edit] Needlous/Spiny

Known as Needlous in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, and Spiny in Kirby's Adventure. This enemy is a ball of spikes that hops around on the ground. If he gets to close, he'll release his spikes and nail you! He also gives out the Needle Ability.

[edit] Nimbus

Nimbus is a small cloud that only appears during Paint Roller's boss stage, as one of the paintings. He will float over head, moving across the screen and shooting lightning at you. Swallowing him gives you the Spark Ability.

[edit] Noddy

Cute, annoying, and lazy. Noddy will only walk around for a second, then fall asleep, often in your way. Just jump over him, because even though he gives you the Sleep Ability, that is possibly the most useless power in the game.

[edit] Pengy

Pengy the ice penguin is yet another very basic Kirby enemy. He'll slide around on the ice, occasionally blowing dangerous breaths of iciness at you. Be careful, because if you get in the way you'll temporarily turn into a frozen block of ice! Pengy will give you the Ice Ability.

[edit] Poppy Bros Jr

PB Jr looks almost exactly like Poppy Bros Sr (the boss), except that he's a lot less dangerous. All the little guy does is walk and dance around, sometimes even on top of apples or Maximum Tomatoes!

[edit] Rocky

Rocky is a cute little rock that moves slowly across the stage. But be careful, at random times he'll jump up and slam hard into the ground! Swallowing Rocky gives you the Rock ability!

[edit] Scarfy

CAUTION: DO NOT INHALE! This little enemy may look cute when he's just floating, but if you try to swallow him his face will suddenly become vicious, and he'll chase you rapidly for awhile before exploding!

[edit] Shotzo

Shotzo is an invincible cannon who will either shoot bullets at you in a pattern, or try to aim. He's invincible, so just keep moving when you spot him.

[edit] Sir Kibble

This enemy is a small knight dressed in gold armor, who will shoot blade/sword boomerangs at you quickly. They can be annoying and hard to avoid, so just take care of Sir Kibble right away. When swallowed, you'll get the Cutter Ability.

[edit] Slippy

Slippy is a cute little frog who hops around, often near water. Though innocent, Slippy often gets in your way and can be very annoying. Still, he's not trying to do anything harmful! Swallowing Slippy gives you no ability.

[edit] Sparky

Spark is an electric enemy who jumps around the stage. His shape is oddly similar to a Hershey's kiss! Anyways, all he does is occasionally pause and shoot out electric sparks in the area around him. Swallowing Sparky gives you the Spark Ability.

[edit] Starman

Have no fear, Starman is here! This enemy resembles a superhero in many ways, as he jumps high in the air with his cape on! Be careful though, you wouldn't want to run into him. Starman gives you the Hi-Jump ability when swallowed.

[edit] Sword Knight

Another extremely basic enemy, though still dangerous. Sword Knight moves rapidly around, slashing his sharp sword. If you plan to confront him, be quick about it, and don't get too close for too long. Sword Knight gives you the Sword ability when swallowed.

[edit] Trident Knight

Another one of Meta Knight's henchmen. This time, the Knight will just move around and throw tridents at you. Swallowing him gives you no ability.

[edit] Twister

Twister is an enemy who looks like a spinning tops. At first he'll spin slowly on the ground, not moving. But then, he'll gain speed and transform into a tornado, zooming around the room! When like this, Twister is very dangerous, so defeat him while he's venerable! When swallowed, Twister gives you the Tornado ability.

[edit] Twizzy

These cute little birds will rest somewhere on the ground or in a tree, then fly up and chase you when you get too close. Other then that, they're not dangerous. Twizzys give you no power when swallowed.

[edit] Waddle Dee

What is there to say? Waddle Dee is extremely well known, and all he does is walk or jump around. Why hurt the little guy though? He's not trying to do any harm!

[edit] Waddle Doo

Waddle Doo is similar to Waddle Dee in appearance, but more dangerous. He will walk around, then pause and shoot a laser beam out of his huge eye! Swallowing him gives you the Beam Ability.

[edit] Wheelie

Wheelie is a small wheel that zooms around the screen rapidly. Other then that he won't go out of his way to hurt you, but watch out for him on flat surfaces! Swallowing Wheelie gives you the Wheel ability.

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