Enemies (K64:CS)

There are many enemies that each have their own unique way to attack Kirby. On this page, they will be sorted out by what ability they give to Kirby when inhaled. Learning what each enemy does and if they give you an ability is very useful when playing this game.

[edit] Normal Enemies

Bivolt: Bivolt is a round sun-like enemy who waits hidden on polls and chains. When Kirby begins to climb up, he comes up and chases him from below.

Bo: Not very harmful, and not very smart. Bo is just about as useless as the famous Waddle Dee enemy. All he does is move around.

Bonehead: While all he does is fly around, then land in a random area, he can get very annoying. Might as well deal with Bonehead as soon as you can.

Bouncy: Like Bouncy's name suggests, this enemy bounces crazily up and down. Be careful around her though, occasionally she'll gain too much speed and be hard to avoid.

Bronto Burt: Ah, the famous and annoying bird enemy. They really aren't too much of a problem as long as you watch out.

Bumber: These guys seem to fall out of absolutely nowhere sometimes. But other then that they just walk and glide around on the ground.

Chacha: I guess dancing provides protection! This enemy cannot be hurt by any of Kirby's abilities, but she's not invincible. You can inhale her. Avoiding always works too.

Drop: This blue puddle-ish creature lives up to it's name. In certain stages he will just drop down from above and try to land on Kirby. Try to see them ahead of time and let them fall before you move forward. Also, if you find one, there's a good chance that there are more.

Flopper: Flopper is found on both land and sea, and isn't harmful in either place. On land he just flops around, and in water he just...floats.

Flora: How cute! These flying flowers are hardly enemies. All they do is float above, smiling.

Flutter: Yet another bird, Flutter just flies around, nothing more.

Glom: Watch out for these, seriously. Glom often appears in very dark passages, so if you're in one, wait for a second to see if two eyes appear in the darkness. If they do, run! Also, do your best to time his movements so he's avoided. If eyes don't appear, then continue as usual.

Glunk: Glunk is always stuck to the wall, the ceiling, or the ground. So he's really not much of a threat. But still, he does spit balls of water at you. Just watch out.

Gobblin: Gobblin is a freaky and sneaky enemy who is usually found in desert levels. He'll hope out of a hidden spot in the scenery and try to attack Kirby.

Gordo: Gordo is a well known enemy who is and always will be invincible. He is a black ball with two eyes surrounded by dangerous spikes. All you can do is avoid him. He usually moves in pretty predictable patterns.

l3: l3 is a giant block with one eye who drops from the ceiling, trying to smash Kirby. But, he has a pattern. So if you figure that out it's easy to run past him. Occasionally there's way to fly over l3 too. Also, he's invincible.

Ignus: These enemies are just rocks that fall from the ceiling, mostly in underwater or rocky levels. Just watch out for them, because they do cause damage when they fall on you.

Kany: Kany's not really out to get Kirby. But while he walks on land, he pretty much snaps at everything in his way. Just inhaling him and spit him out, or use your ability.

Keke: Keke may be one of the few enemies you might want to find. She's just a little witch who flies aimlessly on her broomstick, never using any kind of power.

Mahall: This enemy will pop randomly out of the ground in attempt to hurt Kirby. But just watch out for that and he won't hurt you.

Maw: Ah! Sharp teeth. Maw falls from the clouds above and tries to bite Kirby. Running away is often a useful strategy.

Mite: All Mite does is run around, pretty quickly. He's found mainly in rocky levels.

Mopoo: How cute! These little white balls will just float around in the air, smiling happily. No need to attack them.

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[edit] Bomb Enemies

Blowfish: Blowfish is an aquatic enemy that will randomly explode, so be careful around him. Swallow up Blowfish while he's on land.

Pedo: Although these enemies look somewhat like missiles, they really aren't that fast. They appear mostly near some kind of water, and Acro spits them out in his harder fighting stages.

Poppy Bros. Junior: This enemy has appeared in a few Kirby games. Though he looks very happy, friendly, and ready to help Kirby, don't be fooled. He has an endless supply of dangerous bombs he can't wait to attack you with.

Rockn: As another missile shaped enemy, Rockn is a bit faster than Pedo. They're basically like a torpedo out of water, and can be very harmful if you don't watch out.

Skud: Poor guy, he's a little bit clumsy. But still, try to ignore that innocent side, he'll still try to shoot himself at you!a


[edit] Cutter Enemies

Fishbone: Fishbone is one of the many underwater enemies. He's also seen in the water during the battle with Acro. Fishbone shoots his sharp head at you, then forms a new one, and can continue attacking.

Kapar: Kapars are pretty sneeky and kind of fast, so just watch out. They will stand idly on the ground and stealthily pull their crown off and throw it at you.

Sawyer: Well he's definitely the scary looking enemy! Sawyer is a sharp round blade with a giant eye in the middle. He's very dangerous, so make sure to avoid him!

Sir Kibble: Sir Kibble is the most common Cutter Enemy and is found in many other games. He's a knight wearing yellow armor who throws golden blade/swords at you.


[edit] Fire Enemies

Bobo: Bobo is a cute little enemy who runs rapidly across the stages. He's not actually trying to chase after you though.

Burnis: This flaming bird fly high above Kirby and will annoyingly drop scorching rocks down on him. They're pretty hard to constantly avoid, so just get rid of them by either swallowing or inhaling then spitting out.

Galbo: Galbo is a sleepy fiery dragon. But watch out, if he wakes up he'll shoot fireballs at Kirby.

Magoo: A creepy black ball with yellow eyes surrounded by flames. They appear in fiery levels with lots of lava. They're also seen in Kirby's battle against Magman.


[edit] Ice Enemies

Chilly: Chilly is one of the more basic Ice Enemies. He's a typical snowman who stands still and tries to trap Kirby with his icy breath.

Emp: Aw, a cute little penguin. Emp is a very shy enemy, and he runs away whenever Kirby's in sight!

Frigis: Frigis is the ice version of the Fire Enemy Burnis. She'll fly above Kirby and drop balls of hard ice. Like with Burnis, it's best to deal with her quickly.

Propeller: All they really do is fly around, but occasionally they'll actually be chasing after you. In that case, get rid of them. But if not, you may as well leave Propeller alone.


[edit] Needle Enemies

Ghost Knight: Ooo, a ghost! With his trusty sword and powerful armor, Ghost Knight can be hard to get rid of. Sometimes leaving him alone is the wise choice.

Kackti: A cactus! And he's so cute! Too bad he's only smiling because he's about to try to cartwheel into Kirby and stab him with his needles!

Punc: This little enemy will walk around, occasionally turning into a small ball of spikes. Ignore or defeat him, it's your choice.

Tick: Talk about a deceiving smile. Tick is fast and harmful. He'll wait peacefully on the ground...until you come to close. Then he'll rapidly release his sharp spikes.


[edit] Rock Enemies

Cairn: This strange pile of rocks will jump up and down, rolling and tumbling around randomly. But be careful, sometimes Cairn can jump really high into the air.

Hack: Hack is simply an axe on legs, and he lives up to his name. All he really does is run around and "hack" at anything he can find!

Pompey: This little rock may just be a descendant of the legendary volcano Pompeii itself! Or maybe he's just another lava rock. Either way, Pompey shoots out stones, so be careful not too get to close to him.

Rocky: Yet another one of the useless enemies. Rocky just happily walks around, occasionally turning into a rock.


[edit] Spark Enemies

Plugg: This enemy is exactly what his name says: a Plug. But don't get close to him. If you do, he'll plug into the ground and shoot dangerous sparks in all directions.

Spark-i: Spark-i is a fast and very hard to avoid creature that zooms around and shoot electricity at Kirby. Deal with him quickly, if you can.

Sparky: Sparky is an electric enemy that appears in many Kirby games. He hops around on the ground, occasionally stopping to surround himself with harmful electricity.

Turbite: This enemy can be very dangerous. Turbite moves quickly and shoots himself completely at Kirby.

Zoos: So this enemy thinks he's safe in his little storm cloud? Well maybe not! Zoos will just stay up there and shoot bolts of lightning (and some water) at Kirby. Maybe is name has something to do with the Greek god Zeus...

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