Dyna Blade


The amazing Dyna Blade in her newest appearance.

Dyna Blade has appeared as a boss and even as an ally in some of the Kirby games. She hasn't appeared in too many games, but she has played a somewhat important role in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! The only weak spot on Dyna Blade is her head, which Kirby finds out during their battle.

[edit] Games

[edit] Kirby Super Star

[edit] Kirby Super Star Ultra

[edit] Kirby Air Ride

[edit] Appearance

Dyna Blade is a very beautiful and quite magnificent bird. She has two different appearances that are basically the same, but the second has a bit more detail and texture. In both, Dyna has large rainbow wings and huge, strong, talons. Her wings also have blades on them. She has a bit of armor on her, covering part of her feathered white chest. She wears a large purple/blue gem as a necklace. She also has a yellow mohawk and some more colorful feathers on her head. Dyna Blade's newest appearance just gives her feathers more texture, her mohawk/head feathers are smaller, and the colors of her wings are slightly less bright.

[edit] Anime

Dyna Blade is an ancient bird in Cappy Town. Every 100 years she lays an egg. When the egg hatches and the chick is not there, Dyna Blade goes on a rampage.

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