Dream Land

A small island somewhere in Dream Land.

Dream Land is a very popular location in the Kirby games and anime. It's basically a country on the planet Pop Star. It contains a huge range of different areas and landscapes, and pretty much every stage in Kirby games is assumed to be located in Dream Land. The ruler is the greedy King Dedede, who claims that his family has ruled over the land for generations. Dream Land is a peaceful and pretty place, but it keeps getting into trouble. At least Kirby is here to save it!

The people of Dream Land, naturally, love to dream. The Fountain of Dreams and its Star Rod is the supplier of all of the good dreams for the townspeople. There are tons of different creatures occupying the country, and while their appearances can greatly differ, they all for the most part love to relax and eat. Naps are quiet common, and they all have such great dreams they can talk about later.

[edit] In the Anime

In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Dream Land seems to be a much smaller part of Pop Star. It is surrounded by water on three sides, making it a peninsula. Dream Land has a climate similar to any islands with warm humid weather and sudden tropical rain storms. The only known town is Cappy Town (Pupu Village), where Kirby and all his friends, and King Dedede, live.

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