Copy Abilities

An image of Sword Kirby, one of the many Copy Abilities.


[edit] Information

Without Copy Abilities, the Kirby games would never have been so successful. Appearing in every game since Kirby's Adventure, they are the main way that Kirby defends himself. Without them, defeating enemies and bosses in games would be very difficult. As the series has grown, new and more powerful abilities have been added, making the games even more fun and challenging.

There are a huge variety of different copy abilities that Kirby may find depending on which game you're playing. From fire to ice, water to electricity, and rocket to wheel, you'll find it. Each ability has a different strength and weakness. Some can get you out of tricky puzzles and some can break strong items like steel blocks. In Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards you are even able to combine abilities to get completely new and more powerful ones!

[edit] Getting a Copy Ability

The general way to get an ability is to swallow an enemy up with Kirby's amazing inhaling power. Upon swallowing your foe, Kirby will quickly transform into whatever ability that his enemy had. Keep in mind not every enemy has an ability, so as you play the games make sure to note which ones are worth swallowing. Also, you can swallow a boss after it's been defeated, and some times they will give you powers that you can't get from any other enemy!

[edit] Losing a Copy Ability

The way that Kirby will lose whatever ability he has gained is by getting hurt! Not only will the poor guy lose a bit of health but his ability will transform into a yellow star which bounces around the area. Your only hope of regaining the power you lost is by chasing after the star and swallowing it up. But you better hurry, if you wait too long the star will disappear and your copy ability is gone. Keep in mind that if the ability star is floating around and you swallow a different enemy, the star will disappear.

[edit] In the Anime

Each episode in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! will most likely feature one, or possibly two, abilities that Kirby gains. Kirby is able to swallow different items and sometimes attacks that bosses dish out at him. Each transformation in to a new ability has a short cut scene that shows regular Kirby changing into his new form. As time goes on in the show his abilities become more powerful while he learns how to master each one.

[edit] Other

  • Kirby's Copy Abilities appeared in Super Smash Bros. series. Kirby could swallow one of his opponents and gain a few of their attacks along with a small accessory that changes his appearances.

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