Controls (SS)

A Nintendo DS, the console which Squeak Squad is played on.

Control Pad:

  • Up - Fill Kirby with Air/Hold to float in air/Enter a Doorway/Climb up a Ladder
  • Down - Duck/Fall through a pass-through platform/Swallow/Climb down a Ladder
  • Right - Walk or Swim Right/Press Twice to Dash Right
  • Left - Walk or Swim Left/Press Twice to Dash Left

A Button:

  • Jump/Press repeatedly to float
  • Hold to swim to the surface of water
  • Confirm Selections

B Button:

  • Inhale Enemy
  • Use ability (Once an enemy with a power has been swallowed)
  • Shoot Air Puff (When Kirby is filled with air)
  • Cancel

X and Y Buttons:

  • X - Discard Copy Ability
  • Y - Jump/Press repeatedly to float

Start and Select:

  • Start - Confirm Selection/Pause Screen
  • Select - Discard Copy Ability


  • Down + A/B/Y - Slide

Touch Screen:

  • Tap a Bubble to use it
  • Drag a Bubble to the top of the touch screen to have it appear in Kirby's mouth
  • Drag a Bubble on top of another to combine the two. What is made from the combination depends on the items.
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