City Trial (K:AR)

In city trail, you first race around in a City or 3-7 Minutes, collecting Powerups and finding new rides. After the time limit, you will compete in an event with your ride.

Red Boxes Contain Powerups such as Weapons or Hydra/Dragoon pieces. Blue Boxes Contain Powerups that influence your rides' speed, flight, weight, etc. Grey Powerups will negativly affect your ride's Stats. Green Boxes Contain Food or other Health recovering items.

Hydra pieces, Dragoon pieces, and stat boosting powerups can be lost if

1) You are hit by a weapon or other Kirby on an Air Ride

2) Another Kirby uses a spin move to defeat your Air Ride, causing it to explode, and you to lose many powerups.

3) you get off one ride and get on another ride, this will cause powerups that your new ride is bad at to be lost.

When powerups are lost they appear on the ground until they are picked up again or they disappear.

Special Events can happen during City trail. A message will appear at the bottom of the screen (or the middle if there are two or more people playing) with a brief statement that stats what is going to happen. Many of these can easily cause your ride to explode, while others are extremely helpful.

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