Cappy Town

A birds-eye view of Cappy Town.

Cappy Town is a small village where many residants (called "Cappies") live. Kirby also lives near the town. Cappy Town tends to be a very calm and relaxing place, but unfortunately King Dedede seems set on ruining that peace. At least Kirby's here to protect the town! Cappy Town appears only in the anime, Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Tiff and Tuff also enjoy to hang out in Cappy Town, where they have many friends.

[edit] Residents:

Mayor Len Blustergas, Hana, Chief Bookem, Buttercup, Doron, Prof. Curio, Kawasaki, Spikehead, Iroo, Honey, Mabel, Samo, Tuggle, Gengu, Gus, Melman, Yabui, and Bibli.

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