Bosses (SS)

Like in all previous Kirby games, each world has a boss that must be defeated in order to move on. On this page there will be information, tips, and strategies on how to defeat them.

[edit] King Dedede

The King himself!

Difficulty: Very Easy
Appearance: A big and plump figure with a red cape and a huge hammer.
World: Prism Plains

[edit] Attacks

What's a Kirby game without greedy King Dedede? Unfortunately, this time he's weaker then he has been in previous games, simply because he's the very first boss! Now, King Triple D's moves are very very similar to how they've always been. He can try to swallow you up then spit you out, summon Waddle Dees on umbrellas (you can either swallow these for the Parasol ability or spit them back out at him), hit you with his hammer by either just banging it down or jumping up and slamming it, and puff up and float around.

[edit] Strategies

King Dedede is easy with our without an ability. If you have a power it's pretty self-explanatory. Go all out and hit him whenever you can, but get out of the way if you think he's going to attack. The other way is to spit things back at him. The hammer attacks will create stars for you to use, and you can also spit out the Waddle Dees. If you do this right, King Dedede shouldn't even hurt you once.

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