Air Ride (K:AR)

Challenge your opponents to a crazy race on one of the amazing courses this game has to offer!

Air Ride is divided into two different main modes. The first one "Start Game" is a normal competitive race on one of the courses. The second, "Free Run" is a single player race to test your skills. This Free Run also has two different sub-modes. The first one is "Time Attack" where, obviously, you try to set a speedy time record on one of the courses. The other one is "Free Run", where you just play for fun. In Free Run you have a certain amount of health (depending on the vehicle).


[edit] Courses

[edit] Fantasy Meadows

This course is a small, simple track with a loop shape. It's located in a pretty and peaceful meadow. But don't underestimate it's difficulty when you're up against more challenging opponents! This track consists of a bridge, grind rail, jumps, boost panel, enemies, a cave, a cliff, and more.

[edit] Celestial Valley

This is a good course to race on if you want all machines to have an equal chance. It's many jumps and boost opportunities make it possible for anybody to win. The race leads you on a night time journey through caves, waterfalls, and more.

[edit] Sky Sands

This course probably won't seem too complex, but there are a few shortcuts that you can take. On Sky Sands you'll travel through a small canyon filled desert. You will see a crab poking out of some sand during the race. Use it as a ramp to reach a higher level that contains a boost panel!

[edit] Frozen Hillside

Frozen Hillside is very slippery, and you won't even slow down much when using a boost. Be warned that if you use one of the Wheelie Bikes on here, they skid a lot. But there are several different turns and choices that you can make on this course, so pick your favorites, be aggressive on that ice, and have fun.

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