Adeleine and her trusty paint brush.

[edit] Background

Adeleine is one of the friends (along with Ribbon, Waddle Dee, and King Dedede) that Kirby finds in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Adeline has the ability to make anything she paints become real. Adeline is first seen painting on Pop Star. A piece of the the crystal shard from Ripple Star lands next to her and she picks it up, only to be possessed by the piece of Dark Matter hunting the shard down. Kirby rescues her after a battle where she paints evil creatures and brings them to life. After Kirby continually defeats her paintings, Adeline herself attacks. However Kirby defeats, and rescues her and they move on together. She often helps him by painting up useful items such as 1-ups and recovery foods. Adeleine came to Pop Star to improve her painting skills and enroll in the famous art academy.

Adeleine is also playable when you're using multiplayer. Here she has a few different outfits: Her original outfit, a purple one, a brown one, and a blue and yellow outfit. In the game Checkerboard Chase, she uses her paintbrush to attack enemies. Adeleine was intended to be a playable character, but was cut for unknown reasons.

[edit] Appearance and Personality

Adeleine is a young girl with short black hair, black eyes, and pale skin (although she always looks like she's blushing). Normally she wears a teal shirt over very short grey shorts. Her shoes are orange/brown, and she has dark blue knee-socks. She always wears a red beret, symbolizing her artistic side. Adeleine always carries around her paintbrush, and her palette, which is often seen with the colors red, blue, and yellow.

Adeleine's personality is somewhat unknown, as she doesn't play a huge role in the game. She appears to be very shy though, as she's often alone when Kirby finds her. Adeleine never appears to be in a huge rush to do anything, even when she is having a picnic with Kirby she takes very small and slow bites of her sandwich. Of course, she's a very talented artist, and can paint Kirby items in less then five seconds.

[edit] Ado

Ado is Adeleine's counterpart that appears in Kirby's Dream Land 3. The two of them have the exact same design, except for hair color and style. They even use very very similar attacks and have even painted the same thing. But, it was confirmed the two are different characters.

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