A Blockbuster Battle

A Blockbuster Battle

Blocky doesn't look happy...
Japanese Title Oh no! The Search for the Soldier's House
Episode Number 02 (Japan and US)
Air Dates Japan - 10/13/2001

USA - 9/14/2002

Copy Ability Stone
Demon Beast Blocky
Guest Character --


[edit] Quick Summary

Kirby is happy in Cappy Town, but he doesn't have a home! Unfortunately, nobody really wants him to stay with them because he acts like a little child. Everywhere he tries to stay, it never works out (often because of the evil tricks from King Dedede). Meanwhile, the King has hired a new huge demon beast named Blocky. Kirby must defeat the monster using new techniques, and also find a place to live.

[edit] Main Characters

[edit] Storyline

Kirby is living happily in Cappy town when he realizes one little problem: he has nowhere to live! The thing is, not many residents seem to want to invite the little pink guy into their homes for different reasons. Sometimes because they're just rude, and others because Kirby might gobble up every edible thing in site like he's done before! Tokkori, the cranky and sometimes mean yellow Woodpecker isn't being nice to Kirby either after he slept in the bird's nest a few times.

Of course Escargoon and King Dedede would never let Kirby live in the castle, Kirby and his friends try various places around the village. But King Dedede, being mean, doesn't want Kirby to find a place to live. He and Escargoon will do almost anything to prevent him from finding that place.

Kirby eventually tries to get a job, but that isn't working out either. Every time he manages to nag one, either Tokkori, Escargoon, or King Dedede screws it up. In the end, everyone decides to just pitch in and build a tree house for Kirby!

Meanwhile, King Dedede resorts to another plan and orders another demon beast from Costumer Service. This time it's Blocky, a small brick at first. But when you press a button he transforms into a HUGE block. While the villagers have their celebration, he destroys the whole house with his jeep! Then, on top of that, he sends Blocky to destroy Kirby!

Will Kirby manage to stop the demon beast? And will he ever find a home?

[edit] Ending

CAUTION: The following paragraphs WILL spoil the ending of the episode!

At first, Kirby is unable to inhale Blocky! He's just too big and heavy, and it looks like Kirby is going to lose. But, with help from Meta Knight and Tiff, Kirby comes up with a plan. He once again tries to inhale Blocky, but this time the monster is positioned at the edge of a huge cliff. Kirby manages to drag him downwards until he tumbles down the cliff and breaks into small pieces, one of which Kirby inhales, gaining the Stone Ability! But, since Kirby couldn't swallow all of Blocky, the rest of him begins attacking him! But luckily, Kirby's Stone Ability is keeping them from doing any harm. Finally, Kirby jumps into the air and pounds down hard on the rest of Blocky! But it's not over yet! The small chips of Blocky come together to completely reconstruct himself! Kirby meanwhile is walking slowly down to the cliff over the ocean, with Blocky continually pounding on his head. But it's too much for the cliff! It collapses and both Blocky and Kirby come crashing into the water. Blocky can't stay afloat, but Kirby can, and he slowly swims back up to the surface (running into Kine on his way). The day is saved! And to make it even better, the Cappies have built Kirby a small but sturdy house! There's only one problem now, Tokkori is hogging the house, leaving Kirby to sleep in the tree. But he seems okay with that!

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